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Author's profile photo Sérgio Rosvald Donaire

3PL Configuration for Brazil SD/LE/MM

Here I will provide some tips and tricks that might be helpful for those that want to represent a Third Party Logistic Operator (3PL) inside Logistic Modules in SAP.

3PL in this configuration is represented as Customer/Vendor with usage of Stock Transport Orders between Storage Locations.

Main aspects used in this scenario were:

  • New Storage Location inside the Plant, to represent the 3PL
  • Activation of Stock Transport Orders (STO) and MM/SD/LE configuration
  • Usage of Specific Shipping Point for the new 3PL Storage Location (Storage Location dependent Shipping Point determination)
  • New STO Purchase Order type for transfers between Storage Locations (Brazilian MM/SD localization)
  • New Sales Order type for direct sales (from the 3PL Storage Location) because of Brazilian SD localization settings.

Above you can see the standard flow. Additionally, for BR localization, we activated, after the Outbound Delivery, the relevance for Billing Document (just to generate the Nota Fiscal) having into consideration:

  • Billing Document with special accounting (debit posting to Customer offset the credit posting to Revenue in same account, similar as used in cash accounting). CFOP of this operation is typically the 5905 operation.
  • Movement type standard 641 does not trigger Nota Fiscal. The billing Document on SD plays the role of activating the relevance to Nota Fiscal.
  • Goods Receipt (GR) based on Outbound Delivery and Movement type 101 as the standard

Once the goods are stored on the 3PL Storage Location, can be sold.

Standard SD configuration was based on ORB order type (standard brazilian localization order type), except that a special CFOP takes place (instead of 5101/5102/6101/6102, they are used the 5105/5106/6105/6106). It can be achieved used a copy of ORB order type and:

  • Create new entry in J_1BSDICA table with a new CFOP Item type, that will trigger the new CFOPs combination.
  • Item Category can be the same as used on ORB order type, no need to create another.
  • Pricing – it can be used the same Pricing Procedure copy of RVABRA standard from SAP.
  • Special fiscal texts from ICMS can be created under Dynamic Tables in J1BTAX condition records

By using this configuration you can successfully and easily abide to the Brazilian Localization requirements and at the same time reflect your specific business needs in Brazil.

Special tip and tricks for the STO part of the configuration:

  • STO Purchase Order triggers special Outbound Delivery Type.
  • This Delivery in background works with a dummy SD Order Type.
  • You set the Brazilian Localization for the 5905 CFOP under this dummy SD order type.
  • You activate Pricing in the Delivery.
  • You set the Billing Doc relevance for the Delivery.
  • You set Brazilian localization for the Billing Doc to generate the Nota Fiscal.

Best Regards.


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      Author's profile photo Vignesh Bhatt
      Vignesh Bhatt


      Well articulated document and very informative.


      Vignesh Bhatt

      Author's profile photo Renato Luiz Pereira
      Renato Luiz Pereira

      Congratulations for your efforts Sergio.

      I had never heard about the modular structure configuration in SAP.

      Best wishes,

      Renato Luiz Pereira

      Author's profile photo Marcelo Zanolla
      Marcelo Zanolla

      Well done, my friend !!!

      Author's profile photo Michael Fitzke
      Michael Fitzke

      Hello Sergio,


      thanks a lot for this explanation.

      I just survived a Brazil roll-out but currently the 3PL is not connected - therefore we need to develop a solution for that.

      The involved consultancy suggested to set up for each 3PL (there are two) a new plant.

      The solution with storage location was rejected for some reasons (need of requesting a CNPJ for the storage location). Do we really need a CNPJ and would it be a heavy workload to request it?

      Appreciate your answer,