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Getting Started with SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data

In this blog post, we will discuss how to get started with SAP Data Quality Management, microservices using an SAP Cloud Platform developer edition trial account.

Get an SAP Cloud Platform Developer Edition Trial Account

Go here:  Get Started with SAP Cloud Platform

Select “Start free trial”. Select to “Register for Free” and fill out the registration information. Next, you will receive the following pop-up. To proceed, select “Click here to start your trial!”

You will then be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions to be able to have access and use SAP Cloud Platform Developer Edition. If it is your first time accessing the SAP Cloud Platform trial, you will be asked to select the region closest to you (Europe or US) to finalize your trial account.

Account setup will take a minute or so. Once complete, you will receive a “Welcome to SAP Cloud Platform” email with your account information.

Start Your SAP Cloud Platform Trial

After establishing your trial account, you will be taken directly to the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit to start your trial. You can also login to the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit using the URL that you received in your welcome email. Note that there are some great resources here to help you get started with SAP Cloud Platform, including starter scenarios, tutorials and guided tours.

Enable Data Quality Services

Your SAP Cloud Platform developer account comes with the availability of additional services, like the SAP Data Quality Management microservices, which you can access from your welcome email or via the cockpit.

  1.  Access the additional services from your welcome email, via the link noted.
  2. Or, login to your SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit via the URL to your trail account you received in your welcome email. Go to the Environments section to “Access Neo Trial” (note that the Data Quality Management microservices are not currently available for the Cloud Foundry environment).


Locate the filter bar in the services panel and search for “Data Quality Services” to locate the microservice tile.


Click on the “Data Quality Services” tile and on the following screen you will see an “Enable” button. Select that. Once enabled, you are ready to go.


Review Documentation and Examples

1.   Service Documentation

You will see an area for “Additional Resources” on the service page where you enabled the microservice. From here you will find a link to the product documentation as well as additional resources.

Or, you can directly access the documentation from here: Data Quality Management, microservices Documentation

2.   Postman

We have posted some scripts which can be used with the Postman Service utility ( You can find these sample scripts and how to configure them for use with your SAP Cloud Platform trial account and the Data Quality Management microservices here at the public SAP Github repository

NOTE:  Basic Authentication is ONLY supported on the SAP Cloud Platform, developer edition. For productive use after purchasing the service either OAuth or Client Certificate Authentication must be used.

We created a video to help you quickly access and use the sample Postman payloads, as well as other helpful videos, that you can access here.

3.   SAP Data Services

If you are an SAP Data Services customer, we have included a built-in transform which integrates these microservices.  This was introduced in the SAP Data Services 4.2 SP8 release.

Example Data Services Jobs (Blueprints) can be found here.

You can find more information in the official SAP Data Services Reference Guide, see the Platform transforms section of that guide and locate the DQM Microservices subsection.

4.   SAP Data Hub

If you are an SAP Data Hub customer, we have included a built-in operator which integrates these microservices.  This was introduced in the SAP Data Hub 2.6.1 release.

You can find more information in the official Repository Objects Reference for SAP Data Hub Guide, see the Data Quality grouping under the SAP Data Hub Operators section of that guide.

5.   Postman Alternative

Customers may also try the DQM microservice via SAP API Business Hub without using Postman or one of the SAP delivered product integrations.

*Note: This alternative method will not use the trial URL that was generated when enabling the Data Quality Services tile within the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.



The Data Quality Management microservice trial is limited to 30 days of usage or 1000 transactions per country.  Tracking starts with the first transaction you make to the service.



In this blog post I have provided you the steps required to initiate an SAP cloud platform trial account and enable SAP Data Quality Management microservices for location data. Using one of the detailed integration options (Postman, SAP Data Services, SAP Data Hub, or SAP API Business Hub) you should be able to experience the full features of the service against your own test data and validate it against your specific requirements.

I look forward to your feedback and hope you share your trial experiences with the community.



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      Author's profile photo Hyungon Kim
      Hyungon Kim

      Currently Trial version for SCP Neo is not possible.

      Every try, Cloud foundry is provided for free trial. So I can't see data service in SCP cloud foundry.