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SAP S/4HANA 1909 Fully Activated Appliance: Known Issues

This blog covers latest information and known issues for the SAP S/4HANA 1909 Fully-Activated Appliance.

The overview blog for the appliance can be found here.
The known issues for older appliance releases are here: 1809 / 1709.

Cross & Technical Topics

Initial system performance after instance creation or re-activate

When you create an instance or suspend / re-activate it, the system performance will be slower, especially within the Fiori Launchpad. Also, the first click on a Fiori tile will be significantly slower. This is due to initial caching in the system and will become faster if you continue working.

Other performance tuning tips are:

  • Choose the cloud provider location nearest to you (for good network latency)
  • Fiori rendering performance on the remote desktop is often slower than on your local laptop
  • The demo users contain a relatively large number of roles and Fiori tiles. You can copy these demo users in TCode SU01 and adapt accordingly e.g. remove roles, create your own roles / Fiori catalogs, or personalize the Fiori launchpad.

Note to SAP administrators: SGEN has been performed to pre-compile ABAP coding.

Issues with CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)

You need to enable CORS if you want to connect e.g. from SAP Analytics Cloud into S/4HANA. Enabling CORS is done by setting one system parameter (icf/cors_enabled) to the value 1, however, in the 1909 SP00 appliance this parameter is set to 0 by default.
If you need CORS, please see here how to change the value to 1.
If you change the CORS parameter to 1, the personalization of the Fiori homepage (“Edit Homepage”) will not work reliably anymore.
A correction for this cross dependency is described in SAP Note 2804978 (more background in this blog).

Fiori & User Interface

Error in Me area > App Finder > User Menu / SAP Menu

When you navigate to the “Me Area” > App Finder and try to open the user or SAP menu, you get an error “Can not get menu data: HTTP request failed”.

Resolution: You need to change two OData Services (ZUSER_MENU and ZEASY_ACCESS_MENU).

  • Search for the service ZUSER_MENU and mark the respective line
  • Change the processing mode to “Routing-based” (button in task bar on the top right)
  • In the right lower pane “System Aliases”, click Add System Alias
  • In the change view, click New Entries and enter the following values:
    • Service Doc. Identifier: ZUSER_MENU_0001
    • SAP System Alias: LOCAL
    • Default System: Set the flag
  • Save and choose a customizing request
  • Do the same steps for the service ZEASY_ACCESS_MENU (the Service Doc. Identifier is called ZEASY_ACCESS_MENU_0001)
  • Afterwards restart the browser and test the services in the Me area again
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