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X Marks the Spot: Find What’s New in Newly-Released SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS 10

Ten has always been an obvious sort of number. It has obviously defined decimal number systems throughout time. It’s uncomplicated to multiply and to add. Ancient Egyptians used it as a clear benchmark in hieroglyphic tallies. Romans marked it with an “X”, which makes perfect symmetrical sense when considering that “V” was their symbol for a hand with five digits. And today, you can count on the newly-released Support Pack Stack (SPS) 10 to include SAP Solution Manager 7.2 improvements that are obvious to see.

While SPS 10 is a digital treasure-trove of innovations, I’d like to start out highlighting a number of highly-visible changes when working through SAP Solution Manager functions.

10 x Search and Filter Highlights

You’ll easily find what’s new with the searching and finding itself. Here are some improved ways to retrieve and filter SAP Solution Manager data:

  1. Test case hierarchy has a new test classification column to make it easier to create a test plan. Filter and search test documents according to their classification codes.
  2. Test Suite added filters for the business partner search. While this advances the process of finding a responsible or tester for assignment, locked business partners enjoy added safeguards to remain confidential and hidden from search results.
  3. For Test Case Analysis, new display filter options present test document results in either a tree view or a color-coordinated list view.
  4. The advanced search for Process Management now includes a calendar date selection tool and options to find an object based on the date it was created or last changed.
  5. The where-used list for Process Management includes new filters to identify references and related elements. For example, the process steps library filter shows a tally of 3 results within the list. Selecting this filter allows you to easily view these three related object names and paths.
  6. Solution Documentation searches through all documents within your business processes for you and presents unique documents only as options when you assign existing documents for document management purposes.
  7. For the cross-system object lock check and downgrade protection check found in Change Control Management, the new Role and Customizing Objects Check filter gives you the flexibility to skip a check of role objects or of all customizing objects.
  8. In the Job Monitoring application, you can better manage a complex scenario when you use the new filter to highlight systems or monitoring object names.
  9. Business Process Analytics now offers flexible filters, to include options for top n and bottom n. (For more information on these options, scroll down to our SAP Help Portal link.)
  10. In Exception Management, you can now activate SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway errors. Filter for the category of “Ariba” and monitor any related errors in your business processes.


10 x Display Highlights

You’ll also find improvements quite plainly in the displays. I’ve annotated some here:

  1. With the new highlighted column in Change Control Management, view the specific target transport request for each object, to include retrofit objects.
  2. In Solution Documentation, adjust and save various column widths.
  3. Due to Microsoft Office integration in Process Management, you can edit PowerPoint documents in an online display rather than having to check out the files.
  4. In Change Control Management – Administration Cockpit, view the new display column listing cycle phases of the task lists.
  5. In the transport assignment block for Change Control Management, view the highest import return code. This allows for faster reaction to correct an import issue.
  6. Choose between new views offered in the IT Calendar. The Upcoming Events view shows active and upcoming events for your systems, sorted by start time. The Condensed View groups together events for multiple systems.
  7. For Technical Administration, automated e-mail notifications include a BCC field to hide the list of all recipients from any given recipient.
  8. Job Monitoring offers the option to monitor a job or job chain without generating error or warning alerts.
  9. Business Process Analytics now operates with an SAPUI5 UI instead of an SAP WebDynpro UI for a more intuitive and state-of-the-art user experience. For example, the Detail List for results no longer requires a jump into the managed system, but rather can be viewed in the SAPUI5 UI.
  10. The tester worklist now displays the priority status of test cases and their assigned executables. If there are high priority items, this information helps testers to determine which tests to perform first.

Further SPS 10 EnlighTENment

These obvious visual improvement highlights only scratch the surface of what’s in SPS 10. For example, Landscape Information Services replaces the upload of system data to the SAP Support Portal without changing upload configuration. For more information on what this means and descriptions of all the other new features, visit SAP Help Portal. Alternatively, check out what’s new via bullet points and screenshots in the SPS 10 slide deck. Better yet, register now for the December 18, 2019 webinar and learn about SPS 10 features from the technical experts!

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      Author's profile photo Ina Korbus
      Ina Korbus


      Thank you for the new version of SAP Solution Manager.

      However, there is something that customers expect and that is still not available: the SAP Netweaver version upgrade for the ABAP stack. Would it be possible to think about migrating SAP Netweaver 7.4 ABAP to a more up-to-date version? 7.52 or 7.54?
      Instead of continuing to use SAP CRM for ChaRM & ITSM, why not migrate everything to SAP UI5? Why continue to use Webdynpro for SOLDOC and Test Suite when there is SAP UI5?

      Make our Solman great again !

      Author's profile photo Tim Steuer
      Tim Steuer

      Thanks for your comment,

      Unfortunately upgrading to a higher NetWeaver would cause severe impact for all customers who use SAP Solution Manager today. Moving to 7.52 or 7.54 would mean a complete re-development of most of the applications. Rather than forcing this on all our customers we rather improve and stabilize today's platform with customer connection. In addition, we also release Focused Build at the end of 2019 to all customers at no additional cost. It includes cool UI5 apps like the simple IT request to offer a smoother user experience.

      Best regards