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Usage of Supplier Invoice – Create (A2X, Inbound, Synchronous)

In case you want to use the SOAP Service “Supplier Invoice – Create (A2X, Inbound Synchronous)” and you want to get more information about the fields and nodes of this service, please have a look at following references.

  • SAP Help Portal: Link see API Business Hub or search for “Supplier Invoice – Create (A2X, Inbound, Synchronous)” on the SAP Help Portal
    • More information about Service Structure, usage with Time-Dependent-Taxes and correlation with attachments for supplier invoices

Common problems and their resolution:

  • You are trying to post a supplier invoice with GL account items, but the gross amount of the invoice does not match to the sum of item amounts.
    • Please check that you send the item amount for GL account lines via the XML tag <PriceCalcuation>.
    • A common misunderstanding is the usage of <Amount> for GL Account lines (without purchase order reference).
  • You are trying to enter a cost center for the accounting coding block assignment, but the cost center is not recognized by the system.
    • Please note: The XML tag <CostCentre> expects a concatenation of controlling area and cost center ID and not only the cost center ID itself.
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