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How to Display/Download Change Log for Journal Entries

Display/download of change logs of journal entries can be performed in 3 cases

  • For Single Journal Entry – via Manage Journal Entry app
  • For multiple Journal Entries – via Audit Journal app
  • For Large Volume Journal Entries – via Run Compliance Report app [planned in CE2005]

Display and Download Changes of Single Journal Entries

In manage journal entries app, once select and display one journal entry, a button “Display Changes” can be used to display changes.

Once click, changes can be displayed including what has been changed, who changed and time of change. Changes can be downloaded into Excel.

Display and Download Changes of Multiple Journal Entries

In audit journal app, user can specific company code, ledger, fiscal year, display changes collectively.

Once clicking of “Display Journal Entry Changes” button, changes can be displayed and also downloaded into Excel if need.

Sorting is possible, so that user can display changes by time of changes or by journal entry.

Download of Changes of Large Volume Journal Entries [Planned in CE2005]

Via Run Compliance Report, user can download changes via execution a background job.

Details will be shared once delivery.

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