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DevOps with SAP Cloud Platform: Plan & Setup

After I have provided the overview of our portfolio of tools/services that help to foster DevOps principles and simplify adoption for cloud-native applications as well as hybrid scenarios in my previous article, I will offer more insights on especially the Plan & Setup phase in this blog post.

Goal of this first phase of the overall approach outlined in the figure below is to decide on basic aspects around DevOps and lifecycle management and to set up required infrastructures and toolchains for applying DevOps principles efficiently for your apps to be developed and run on SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform Planning and Lifecycle-Management Guide

To plan your projects around SAP Cloud Platform, the SAP Cloud Platform Planning and Lifecycle-Management guide explains basic platform concepts and provides guidance, such as for account structuring, development and delivery.

It is a good first read to learn about many operations aspects around SAP Cloud Platform.


Outlook on SAP Cloud Platform DevOps Planner

When it comes to actually set up your DevOps environment for a given use case, we are working on an SAP Cloud Platform service (that is, tool) that intends to ease the handling of DevOps tools throughout the lifecycle of an application – the so-called SAP Cloud Platform DevOps Planner service. Coming from a concrete scenario (such as the development of an SAP Fiori app or an SAP SuccessFactors extension), the service plans to provide standard templates (based on SAP’s best practices – for example, in the form of so-called recipes), where the user will be able to set up the DevOps toolchain including a corresponding CI/CD pipeline, get a visualization of the toolchain, and perform a central and automatic configuration of it (comprising both SAP and potential third-party tools involved in the scenario).

One entry point could be the SAP Discovery Center, where SAP offers many missions, for example to implement a business-specific scenario with ease.

Part of such a mission could be to configure your DevOps toolchain, where SAP Cloud Platform DevOps Planner could come in. Idea would be that you centrally trigger the configuration of all the tools being part of the DevOps toolchain by entering required configuration parameters non-redundantly into a use-case-specific template of SAP Cloud Platform DevOps Planner:

From there, the service would automatically execute the configuration of the involved tools/services and of SAP Cloud Platform in the selected subaccount, including required prerequisite checks and creation of authorizations:

First result would be a list of links to the preconfigured tools and services, which would directly allow you and your team to start with your project:

The links to the configured tools will be accessible also after the initial configuration, via the mission in SAP Discovery Center or through a standalone UI of SAP Cloud Platform DevOps Planner. Via that UI, it is intended that users will be able to add tools from an extendable catalog to existing toolchains and to come up with own custom toolchains. Finally, the service plans to allow to optimize and evolve existing toolchains by time. With this, DevOps Planner intends both to allow teams to jumpstart applying DevOps for a given use case/scenario and to evolve the toolchain by time.

We plan to provide an external beta version of the service in Q2/2020 – standard disclaimers apply. If you should be interested in gaining first insights of this service, please just reach out to me and I will be happy to arrange a quick webinar to demo the current draft and to get your feedback.


Result of the Plan & Setup phase should be a clear understanding of your overall DevOps approach and ideally a configured SAP Cloud Platform environment and a DevOps toolchain (at least in a first version for development and delivery, as outlined in the description of the upcoming phases – then to be further extended and evolved as required).

Continue with Develop & Test, the next phase in your DevOps adoption journey with SAP Cloud Platform, where your development teams come up with increments in the form of development and application content of high quality.

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