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Announcing general availability of Analysis Office 2.8

Announcing general availability of Analysis Office 2.8

Analysis Office 2.8 has just been generally available since Nov 29, 2019.

It is the latest and best release of Analysis Office, combining the power of the classic Analysis functionality and the EPM features. Here’s some short overview on the new features.

Analysis Plug-in

As SAP wants to provide a strong office solution on top of SAP Analytics Cloud, the Analysis plug-in release 2.8 continue the Integration with SAP Analytics Cloud and introduces the support of “unbooked data” (capability to view and plan on new member) for data entry and live connection to BW queries and HANA views sources (no intermediate model is created).

Analysis Office plug-in 2.8 also offers new Usability improvements in Variables prompts where direct typing on intervals is now possible or a new sorting of the Variants by «user variance/ public variants”; on the Design panel where the used dimensions are highlighted or displayed by group if desired.

This new release also offers enhancement in Reporting features as limitations (support hierarchies, support two structures queries) to formula optimized mode has been removed. Note formula mode is available for any type of source (BW, HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud…).For more details please read the Analysis Help guide.

In addition, the Analysis plug-in reinforce the Security on data with a stricter handling where users get now a warning when they try to connect to an insecure connection.

A new contextual Help complete these features to fully support user during his navigation.

EPM Plug-in

SAP wants to support the best  customers willing to move from EPM  standalone version to the EPM  contained in Analysis for Office.Then  we have made a structural code change in EPM plug in as we replaced it by EPM add in standalone code.

Main goal is to ensure smooth transition to the  EPM version contained into SAP Analysis for Office. Please read more details in following blog Simplifying the EPM plug-in usage.

In addition, the EPM plug-in provides smaller enhancements on top of BPC source as EPM formulas  can now supports “Key Date” as parameter. See Help.

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    • Arda,

      live connection to BW and Hana are supported but directly to the Query / View .

      Connecting live SAC models is not supported . Best regards


  • Hello Jeanne

    I get this message “Insecure Connection” when i use an OLAP connection to the BW system on the BO system.

    Do you have any advice for me on what is causing this message?

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    Best regards

    • Hi Daniel , can you please check your BW connection has been properly SNC enabled ? Indeed BW uses an RFC connection to Analysis  which requires to have  a Secure Network communications ( SNC) enabled to be considered as a “secured connection”. Best regards Jeanne