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Author's profile photo Anil Yakkali

Advantco SFDC: Adapter, Workbench Installation

SFDC integrations with SAP PI, CPI is one of the common requirements. SFDC integration using SOAP/HTTP connectors is a complex approach in terms of connectivity to ensure session handling and data transactions. In this blog post I am going to explain the steps for adapter installation and workbench installation in eclipse.


Adapter Overview: Advantco SFDC adapter comes free with SCPI license. This adapter is very easy to use at both sender and receiver directions with few one-time activities which are discussing here. This adapter ensures session-handling implicitly thereby developer need not to worry about it. There are other functionalities like query lookup, Variable substitution, empty content handling etc. This adapter supports XML and JSON thereby developers can decide based on the integration flow design.


  1. Eclipse Installation.
  2. Advantco Adapter Installation file
  3. SFDC workbench zip file File Description
1 ADVANTCO-SFO.esa Adapter ESA file
2 Eclipse based plugin for Advantco SFO Workbench.

Installation of Adapter:

  1. The ESA file in the package need to SCPI tenant. Double click on the tenant ID and Select Deploy Artifacts
  2. Click Deploy and Select Integration Adapter as the artifact type as below.

3. Browse to the path in the local desktop where the bundle downloaded and select ESA file as below.

4. Click on Finish and the adapter will be installed successfully in your tenant.

WorkBench Installation:

  • Unzip file to local machine and open Eclipse.
  • Now go to Help->Install New Software ->Click on Add as below.
  • Click on Local and select from the folder which unzipped in earlier step.

  • Accept the Advantco Terms and conditions and the certificate as Trusted.
  • Once the Installation is completed, you can see a new perspective called Advantco SFDC Workbench created as below.

Connectivity to SFDC:

  • Click on Windows -> Preferences -> Advantco SFDC Workbench ->Global Configuration.
  • Click on Test connection, it should be successful and Click on OK to save the configuration.

Workbench Perspective:

There are 3 different approaches to generate XSD schema which helps in SCPI development.

  1. Query Builder: Call SFDC tables and fetch data in list, CSV or XML format. Generate XSD according to the result.
  2. Schema Generation: Generate XSD schema for the tables required. It supports the Aggregated functionality as well.
  3. Search Builder: Generate schema based on SOQL(Salesforce Object Query Language)

Finally, using this adapter the efforts of integration will be reduced by 30% and we can focus on logic in SCPI. In my next blog posts, I will explain the outbound and inbound integrations of SFDC with SAP using Advantco Adapter.

Stay tuned, Happy Learning!

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      Author's profile photo ram sharma
      ram sharma

      Thank You For Sharing This Information I am Facing some Problem in installation  i had Disable Antivirus and Firewall but Problem in same but after reading your installation finally installed thank you

      Ram Verma

      Author's profile photo Anil Yakkali
      Anil Yakkali
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Ram. Glad it helped!

      Author's profile photo Rajesh PS
      Rajesh PS

      Hello Anil Yakkali,

      Great blog and thanks for informative one.

      I would like to know if kafka adapter supports SAP CPI full fletched & how flexible it is (in comparison with SAP PO Kafka adapter) ?


      Secondly does SAP CPI supports schema registry as of now, and also avro & json conversions?

      Is it a tactical long term reliable solution to use via SAP CPI ? Not sure about the license cost and post using Kafka adapter which should not ideally end up in capacity or feature constraints ?


      Looking forward for your valuable thoughts in elucidate. Thanks in advance! Cheers

      Author's profile photo Diego Cantú
      Diego Cantú

      Hello Anil,

      I have a problem with the advanco-sfo adapter, these works fine until today, but I can see that the adapter now mark error in the problems section and has a error symbol , the message that CPI says is

      “This component ADVANTCO-SFO with version 1.0 is not supported in SAP Cloud Platform Integration profile”

      I try to search but I can’t find any,do you know something about this?


      Author's profile photo Anil Yakkali
      Anil Yakkali
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Diego,

      This error occurs sometimes when there is a tenant update. You can re install the adapter and try once.

      Also I wanted to add a point, the deployed iflows running in tenant will not get affected with this issue.




      Author's profile photo Vineeth Bangalore
      Vineeth Bangalore

      Hi Anil,

      Great blog! please check my question below.

      Is there any way to change authentication endpoint in Global configuration, meaning I want to change the domain name "" to something else. Is it possible?

      I can do it manually and perform test connection but after pressing OK the change on domain is reverting back.



      Author's profile photo Vladimír Balko
      Vladimír Balko

      Hello Anil Yakkali,

      where can I download that installation package for adapter?

      Author's profile photo Anil Yakkali
      Anil Yakkali
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Vladimir,

      Sorry for the delay. You can download it from SAP service market place. This adapter is providing for free of cost for all licences by SAP. Once downloaded, the installation process can be followed as per this blog. Thanks.

      Author's profile photo Sreenivasa V
      Sreenivasa V

      After downloading eclipse oxygen I am unable to add SAP CLoud Integration tools in install software.


      May I know what steps do I need to follow.

      Author's profile photo Annemarie Kiefer
      Annemarie Kiefer


      Please note that the following adapters delivered by Advantco are deprecated as of December 31, 2020.

      • Salesforce
      • SugarCRM
      • Amazon WS
      • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

      Newer adapter versions are available as of January 1, 2021:

      Best regards,

      Annemarie (Product Mangement of SAP Integration Suite)