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How Machine Learning Helps Identify Data Quality Rules with SAP Master Data Governance in SAP S/4HANA

Troubled with defining rules for implementing your master data processes?

Before you can benefit from efficiency gains and automated processes you need to invest in making your business rules explicitly available. You are not alone!

…and aid is on its way: rule mining with SAP Master Data Governance on SAP S/4HANA helps you to identify rules in existing master data.

Tune into the replay of my SAP Data Bit session Mining For Rules and learn about how Master Data Rule Mining supports business users and master data experts in analyzing their master data for new data quality rules, leveraging machine learning technology that find patterns in the master data and proposes new rules based on these patterns. You can download the slides here.

Kefeng Wang’s blog Using MDG Rule Mining to Improve Data Quality provides you with even more detailed information.

P.S. for all the techies: Rule mining internally makes use of the K-Optimal Rule Discovery (KORD) algorithm.

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  • Hi Andreas,Kefeng Wang

    This is an excellent feature. Do SAP have any plan to implement this feature as part of Information Steward or Agile Data Preparation (ADP)?. I'm aware that this is a HANA specific feature thus bringing this into IS can be a challenge but as a native HANA tool, it would be great if I can use rule mining in ADP.




    • Hi Magesh,

      MDG uses the ML implementations in SAP HANA. I am not aware of any plans to bring similar functionality into SAP Information Steward or ADP. But you should ask the experts in the respective community.

      BR Andreas

  • Hello Andreas, Kefeng,

    Looking through all the materials on the Rule Mining.  Examples all seem to be from the Material and Business Partner areas.  Are we able to do Rule Mining against the Finance Master Data also?