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Custom Mapping in SAP Ariba CIG

Customer requirement is often no limited to the standard delivered content. Often we get request for customizing the mapping in SAP Ariba CIG(Cloud Integration Gateway) for new custom fields created in Ariba. Starting from the SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway June 2019 release (ARBCI1 100: SP 0005), buyers can use the mapping tool to create, edit, delete, and test their custom mappings. The motivation to write this blog is to explain how custom mapping is performed in CIG.

Assumption: You have the access to the CIG Tenant

In CIG Tenant Select My Configurations -> Mappings.

The Mappings tab displays the list of document types supported by SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway like ArticleMaster(below screenshot), and other details such as Version, Standard Map, Custom Map, and so on.

Select a document type, and then click the + icon under Actions if you are editing for the first time

Personal Opinion: CIG is better compatible with Chrome Browser

Select the SID and press OK

The Document Mapper screen opens.

Hint: Click on the pencil edit icon if you would like to edit and already customized mapping as below

Mapping Extrinsic Fields

Ariba cXML consists of Extrinsic field in the structure at header and item level. This is to  accommodate any custom field requirement from Ariba. In this blog, I am considering the use case that the custom field is getting passed to the cXML payload from Ariba to CIG under extrinsic field like below

In the Document Mapper, Drag the Extrinsic field to the target field


Now right click on the connection made and click on Add source condition

In the source structure, select field @name and in the pop up just give the value of the field name created in Ariba (you must get it from Ariba Functional Consultant)

Important: Create Node to the parent item by right clicking the parent field

Ex. If Target field is /PurchasingContractERPRequest_V1/PurchasingContract/DeliveryTerms/Incoterms/ClassificationCode

then Create Node for /PurchasingContractERPRequest_V1/PurchasingContract/DeliveryTerms

In case the Source and Target Field has multiple occurrence example at Item level, add target position variable

Right click on the connection -> Target Variable -> Add position Variable

Select the Parent in the Target structure with occurrence > 1

Ex. Here Item is the Parent in the Target Structure with occurrence > 1

Then right click on the connection between source and target field -> Add source condition

Select the parent in the source with occurrence > 1

Ex. Here ContractItemln in source has occurrence >1

In the Pop-up select Position Variable and OK.

Save the Mapping and click on to activate the mapping.

How to test Mapping in CIG

You now have the possibility to test the Mapping in CIG. You can test the mapping by clicking on

Step 1: Browse from your local machine the input payload to be tested

Step 2: Select the System ID

Step 3: Execute the test

Step 4: Check the output payload after test

Check the Outcome of the Mapping Test Log once you execute the test

Check the output payload in Result Document

Conclusion: The above blog can be referred in scenarios when the standard mapping provided in SAP Ariba CIG can’t meet customer’s requirement like addition of new custom field in Ariba which needs to be mapped to the respective structure of ECC or S/4.

Note: Currently SAP Ariba CIG Document Mapper has limited functions available. Please refer to below SAP Help link for the list of functions supported.


How to Create Custom Mapping –


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  • Hi All,
    I want to conact three filed in output cXML for CIG mapping but i am not able to see any option to concat more than two fields.
    Can you please let me know that it is possible or not ? Or how can i concat three fields?

    • Hello Shikha,

      My apologies, I might not have understood your requirement. But I am able to concat 3 source fields to 1 target field. You can concatenate upto 3 fields. 




  • Hi Nishant,

    why I cannot see any document type in the document mapper?

    If the connectivity does not work, the document would not be available?



    • Hello Kefei,

      I think the mapping documents are dependent on the addon installed in the backend system. This  should be pushed from the back-end system or may be try to adding a system in the CIG if the backend system is not connected & maintain the addon info. Let me know if this works.


      • Hi Nishant,

        thank you for your reply!

        According to the instruction of an SAP-Expert, for CIG Integration for the supplier, the CIG AddOn does not need to be installed.

        I`m a little confused.

        If I get more info, I will let you know.




        • Hi Kefei,

          This is blog more about Buyer Integration with CIG, and if we any custom mapping requirement  we can handle by using this Mapping tool feature. and as mentioned by Nishant, this is based on the Ariba subscription( Upstream/Downstream) document type will be visible in CIG, However you wont see this buyer documents related documents in CIG for Supplier. You would require to install the add-on on Supplier ERP to have CIG-Supplier Integration




  • Dear Nishant Khimesra.

    I have a question: Do i can mapping Extension IDOC with cXML is it possible?

    Example I have idoc ARBCIG_DELINS in S4/HANA system and I add Z segment object, how can i load Z segment and mapping it in CIG ARIBA?

    Thank you.


    • Hello Tan,

      No, you cant change the Source and Target structure in CIG Mapping. There can be 2 options:

      -> Use PI/CPI as middleware in addition to CIG .

      -> You can raise a SR to Ariba if they can help to upload the custom IDoc structure in CIG.



  • Hi  Nishant Khimesra,

    what is the procedure to move custom mappings to the new version, in case of upgrade of the Add-on component (in my case from ARBCI10001 to ARBCI10008)?

    Any documentation available?

    In my case:


    Custom mapping after ARBCI upgrade

    1 --> Assigned System(s) no longer supports this version. Please edit the mapping to remove it.

    2 --> Using the wrench symbol "Migrate custom mapping to the new AddOn version" leads to an error (#entitytype# not found.

    Error-Code: CIG-POR-00015 Error-UUID: 35842b4e-6b8a-4bde-9d31-36a445c0f489)


    Thank you


  • Hi Nishanth,

    Thank you very much for the post. Please clarify me on another example for document type "PurchaseOrderExport". Let's say we are using Async mode to integrate ariba purchase order to SAP using webservices. In that case , please let me know if the steps below would work: -

    1. create xslt mapping on Ariba by reaching out to Ariba support
    2. add custom fields to extension structures in SAP ECC or S4 HANA
    3. Create custom mapping in CIG
    4. create nodes on target node
    5. drag and drop the source fields to target fields
    6. implement exit or badi in SAP

    Are the above steps ok for middleware scenarios as well?

    Thanks a lot for clarifying me in this regard.

    Thanks and Regards,



    • Hello Harinadh,

      Apologies, I am confused with your statement - would you like to pass it via CIG Only or CIG + Middleware like SAP CPI.

      In my experience, if you are only using CIG it is best not to change the source and target structure. Use  extrinsic/custom fields where possible in structures. In the backend system, you can explore the possibilities of implementing an exit or BADI.

      If you are using a combination of CIG + middleware - it becomes relatively easier sometimes to modify the target structure as per the requirement in middleware.



      • Hi Nishant,

        Thank you very much for your reply. It helped me a lot. Can you please let me know if you have any idea on sap help links detailing steps on getting the extric ariba fields to custom SAP structures without changing the standard mappings?


        Thanks and Regards,



  • Hi Nishant,

    Was wondering if it's possible to in the CIG Custom Mapping to perform the condition IF fieldA EXIST from Source map to TARGET.

    Currently tried different combination and approach in Source Condition as well as choose when, but it's not providing my expected result.

    We currently have a requirement to generate the IDOC segment if the cXML field is available.




  • Hi Nishant,

    I could map the Custom fields as described but i am facing issue in mapping Flexi master data field. I could see the field in cxml and also in preprocessing payload but the field is not available in document mapping. Could you please let me know whether it can be mapped or need to go with SR to Ariba team.




  • Hey Nishant Khimesra,

    I have a general question for you.

    I would like to reactivate the previous mapping version of our cXML Document. Is that possible?  Actually, I can't do it on our test environment the new version is still active and I can't also delete it...

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    Kind regards,



    • Hello Cindy,

      As per Question 33 of the FAQs  you can go back and reactivate previously activated mapping version. If this is not working as expected may be worth contacting Ariba support.