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Author's profile photo Dharmin Thakkar

Auto Approval of Workflows


One of the most awaited features has been released in 1911. Now, you can configure auto approvals in a workflow.

To prevent workflows from being stalled at a certain approval step, you can now specify whether a workflow step is to be automatically approved when the approvers haven’t responded within a certain number of days.

Why is it important?

To avoid workflows are stalled to ensure subsequent steps can be processed in time and minimalize HR Admin manual interactions.

Use Case

When an employee applies for leave and approval does not take an action within ‘X’ days, the workflow step will be approved automatically after ‘X’ days. We can configure the number of days in ‘Manage Organisation, Pay and Job Structure > Workflow’

Below are the steps to implement this feature.

Step 1 – Add ‘autoApproveInDay’ in corporate data model​.

Step 2 – Define ‘Days untilAuto Approval’ in your workflow step configuration​.

Step 3 – Create schedule job with type ‘Workflow Auto Approval’


Below are the screenshots :

Step 1 – Add ‘autoApproveInDay’ in Corporate data model​ under hris-element “wfStepApprover”.

You need to add below three lines under hris-element “wfStepApprover.

<hris-field id=”autoApproveInDays” visibility=”both”>
<label>Days until Auto Approval</label>


Step 2- Define ‘Days untilAuto Approval’ in your workflow step configuration​.

Navigate to Manage organization, pay and Job structure > Workflows > Input the value – Days until Auto Approval.

NOTE – You cannot add 0 in this field.


Step 3 – Create a schedule job with type ‘Workflow Auto Approval’.

Navigate to Provisioning and create a new job as below

The Job type should be ‘Workflow Auto Approval’

In the case of auto-approval, the workflow approval screen will look like below.








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      Author's profile photo Quintec Quintec
      Quintec Quintec

      Hello team,

      I hope you are well, my question is related to the " the Days until Auto Approval Field" ¿is it possible to enable to configure the auto delegation field a specific date..... for example dynamically day 20 of each month?

      I appreciate your collaboration.


      Jose Urdaneta

      Author's profile photo Vijai Reghunath
      Vijai Reghunath

      Hello Jose,

      Delegation functionality is more towards a user / employee specifc feature and its not common for everyone in the organization. Each employee goes on vacation at different times and the decision for delegation needs to be controlled at user level rather than workflow configuration side. We don't have a functionality to configure auto delegation as you mentioned.

      Alternatively, If your intention is to get this workflow manually approved by somebody else in the organization after getting stalled for few days, then you can configure escalations for workflow.



      Author's profile photo Divya Priya
      Divya Priya

      Hello Dharmin,

      Thanks for the blog. I have configured the Auto approval of workflow for the workflow with 3 approval steps. Two steps are getting approved automatically as per the number of days and third and final step is not getting approved even after the number of days exceeded. First 2 steps are configured with "skip this step" as no approver behavior in the workflow whereas third step has "stop the workflow". Whether this could be the reason for non auto approval of last step or could be any other possible reasons?

      Thanks & Regards,


      Author's profile photo Ritanshi Gupta
      Ritanshi Gupta

      Hi Priya/Dharmin


      My  workflow  is   not  getting auto  approved after  making  above  settings.   I  have   changed the settings  of   approval behavior  to  "   Skip this step". Will it work in this   case


      Any  clue?






      Author's profile photo Krushangi Desai
      Krushangi Desai

      Hi Dharmin,


      How would system behave if we keep field " Auto approval in days" Blank ?

      Author's profile photo Lavanya Savanth Kumar
      Lavanya Savanth Kumar

      Hello Krushangi,

      If you are keeping the field " Auto approval in days" Blank , then system will not auto approve it. Maintaining it blank is nothing but disabling the feature of auto approval.

      It depends on other configuration whether it has to escalate or stall till approver approves.
















      Author's profile photo Amgad El-stohi
      Amgad El-stohi

      Dear Dharmin Thakkar ,

      can you specify more details here on how to enable auto approval for leave request workflow , becuase honestly i am little lost here