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Author's profile photo Harshal Vakil

Use SAP ByDesign Excel Add-in and Macro

Hello Colleagues,

With this blog post, I would like to explain how we can use SAP ByDesign Excel Add-in in Macro or visual basic. Which would help you to triggers some of the excel add-in feature from macro to automate tasks.

Option Explicit

'Global Variable declarations
Private addin As Object ' the COM object that exposes the ByD addin's functionality
Private newAPI As Boolean ' does the current addin support the "new" API calls?

Private Const SHIPPED_ADDIN_PROGID = "SAPBusinessByDesignExcelAddIn"
Private Const DEBUG_ADDIN_PROGID = "sapExcelAddon"

'Function to find the SAP bydesign Excel Add-in from Installed COM Add-ins
Private Function initialize() As Boolean
    Dim comaddin As comaddin
    For Each comaddin In Application.COMAddIns
        If comaddin.progID = SHIPPED_ADDIN_PROGID And comaddin.Connect Then
            Set addin = comaddin.Object
            'Call your Desired Function
            initialize = True
            Exit Function
        End If
    Next comaddin

    For Each comaddin In Application.COMAddIns
        If comaddin.progID = DEBUG_ADDIN_PROGID And comaddin.Connect Then
            Set addin = comaddin.Object
            initialize = True
            Exit Function
        End If
    Next comaddin

    If addin Is Nothing Then
        feedback "addin not found"
        initialize = False
    End If

End Function

'Show the Message box
Sub feedback(text As String)

    Application.StatusBar = text
    'MsgBox text, , "SAP Business ByDesign"
End Sub

Sub DashBoard()
	'Determine the SAP ByDesign Excel Addin is installed or not. If already installed, Create object for further process
	'To refresh the Pivot table after data has been refreshed.
	'Show success message once reports and Pivot is refreshed
	feedback ("Success!! All Data has been refreshed in background")
	'Switch to the Dashboard Excel Sheet

End Sub

Private Sub PivotRefresh()
    'To Refresh Specific Pivot table
	Dim pt As PivotTable
	'Select and activate the excel sheet where Pivot table is available
    Sheets("Name of the Excel Sheet where Pivot table is added").Activate
	'Select and assign Pivot table to variable
	Set pt = ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Name of the Pivot table")
	'to Refresh Single Pivot table
	'To refresh All Pivot tables
	Dim Sheet as WorkSheet, Pivot as PivotTable
	For Each Sheet in ThisWorkbook.WorkSheets
		For Each Pivot in Sheet.PivotTables
End Sub

Private Sub DashBoard()

	Dim Reprot1 As Object
    Dim Report2 As Object
    On Error Resume Next
'Refresh report 1    
    'Open excel sheet where Report1 is inserted
	'Select the anycell in the report1
    Set Report1 = addin.FindReport(ActiveCell)
    Report1.Refresh False

'Refresh report 2
	'Open excel sheet where Report2 is inserted
	'Select the anycell in the report1
    Set Report2 = addin.FindReport(ActiveCell)
    Report2.Refresh False
	newAPI = (Err = 0)
    On Error GoTo 0

End Sub


This above vb code can be used to refresh the reports using the macro.
If Excel add is not installed, macro will raise the error.

If User has not logged in to the add-in when we try to refresh the report system will prompt user to login first.

In attached file, you can file the some more advance functions as well Such as (read the report parameters,set report parameters etc.)

VB File

Hope this information will help you.
Let me know if there is any feedback/Suggestions.

Harshal Vakil

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      Author's profile photo Naho Morimoto
      Naho Morimoto

      Dear expert,

      I would like to create a excel macro which enables G/L account - line item report refresh with chosen Account Period.

      I read through this article and tried out the vba code example myself, but I have no crue on how to do it. Please share more detailed explanation on the example code or any assistance is welcome regarding this matter.


      Thank you in advance.

      Author's profile photo Harshal Vakil
      Harshal Vakil
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Naho,


      Please check the following question on the community for the exact same requirement.


      let me know if you still need further help.




      Author's profile photo Naho Morimoto
      Naho Morimoto

      Thank you Harshal,

      Problem solved.

      Author's profile photo Chris Roberts
      Chris Roberts

      Dear Harshal,


      Thank you for the guide and post, it is very helpful.


      I was wondering if there is a code to refresh ALL reports in a workbook? I currently repurposed the one you wrote, but I have 10+ reports in the workbook and sometimes it seems to skip a report here or there.


      Thanks a lot for your help,




      p.s. I tried to de-compile the .dll but was not successful in finding the answer.

      Author's profile photo Venance Rebello
      Venance Rebello

      Hi Harshal,

      How can i automatically login to SAP BYDESIGN Excel Addin.

      Can you please help.





      Author's profile photo Andrew Muir
      Andrew Muir

      I am also looking for a way to use VBA or something else to auto login into ByDesign Excel Add-in

      If anyone knows or has some ideas please could they share.

      Author's profile photo Chris Ro
      Chris Ro

      I found SSO helped a lot, but not automatically logging in

      Author's profile photo Frederik van Ruijven
      Frederik van Ruijven

      Hi Harshal, the link to the VBA file does not work anymore.

      I can I get access?