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Error handling in S/4 HANA – Attribute View

In this post, I am sharing information on the error handling while creating in attribute view of type customer incase of invalid join query.

Introduction – Creation of Attribute view of type customer by joining table KNA1, T005T & T005U.

What is Attribute View – Attribute Views in HANA are used to join Dimension tables or other Attribute Views. Attribute Views are used in Analytical and Calculation Views for analysis to pass master data.

What is Join – The JOIN keyword is used in an SQL statement to query data from two or more tables, based on a relationship between certain columns in these tables. A primary key is a column (or a combination of columns) with a unique value for each row. Each primary key value must be unique within the table.

Error while executing the query as follows,


Solution: Customer type attribute view should be based on the scenario join KNA1 LAND1 to T005U LAND1

But here we joined T005T LAND1 to T005U LAND1 which is giving the error message.

So the correct join as KNA1 LAND1 to T005U LAND1

Then Save and activate.

Hope it will help you to resolve the error message for the attribute view of type customer. Thank You for reading this blog.

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      Author's profile photo Eric Diaz
      Eric Diaz

      Great work Vivek!


      Thanks for posting this!