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Author's profile photo Oliver Graeff

Upcoming End of Maintenance for SAPUI5 1.44 / SAP Fiori FES 3.0

Working with a complex system with different components and their respective versions is often a challenge. The respective information on SAPUI5 versions is provided by SAP, see the SAPUI5 versioning concept and e.g. my blog “Fresh UI5 innovations every month“. Also see the SAPUI5 version overview and SAPUI5 versions in the ABAP platform.

I want to make you aware of the fact that the SAPUI5 long-term maintenance version 1.44 and SAP Fiori FES 3.0 / SAP_UI 7.51 have their end of maintenance at the end of 2019.

(For general information on SAP Fiori FES 3.0 please see note 2355644. For end of maintenance for SAP_UI 7.51 / SAPUI5 1.44 see note 2864280.)

As most customers want to receive latest SAPUI5 innovations and at the same time ensure standard support, SAP recommends taking the required steps for an upgrade:

  • Minimum is SAP Fiori FES 4.0 (SAP Note 2484979) with SAPUI5 1.52. (Note that here end of maintenance is end of 2020.)
  • Recommended is SAP Fiori FES 6.0 (SAP Note 2775163) with the next long-term maintenance version SAPUI5 1.71, which is planned with SAP_UI 7.54 SP02. For this see the SAP_UI support package schedule and SAP’s upgrade strategy for NetWeaver when running on higher UI Version in note 2618449. With this SAP ensures a continuous maintenance coverage for showstoppers when switching to SAPUI5 1.71.

For upgrade information see SAP Maintenance Planner and Software Logistics Tools. Before an upgrade, please check the target release information and notes referenced in note 2217489, other Frontend Server Components and check if the installed SAP Fiori apps support the new target landscape.

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      Author's profile photo Alejandro Sensejl
      Alejandro Sensejl

      Hello Oliver, thanks for the heads-up. Unfortunately the next to-go release 1.71 will only become available in January. Will it be possible to deliver 1.71 in 2019 to make it available before end-of-maintenence (EOM) of 1.44   OR    postpone EOM for 1.44 to Q1/2020?

      I am also wondering that 1.71 will reach EOM in Q4/2022. Will there be no “super-long-term” maintenence version like 1.38 (released in 2015, EOM in Q4/2020 -> 5 years of support) anymore?

      Thanks for your feedback!


      Author's profile photo Oliver Graeff
      Oliver Graeff
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Alej,

      right, thanks for your feedback. SAP will ensure a continuous maintenance coverage for showstoppers when going from 1.44 to 1.71. I just adapted the wording to make this clearer in the blog itself. So you are good also during the time until 1.71 is released (planned for January).

      SAP currently does not plan for a "super-long-term" version of SAPUI5. Long-term maintenance versions for SAP AS ABAP / FES are released once a year and we encourage customers to upgrade to the latest (long-term maintenance) version of SAPUI5. This way customers can benefit from improved quality, stability and additional innovations. Thanks for your understanding.

      Best regards,