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My First #SAPTechEd Experience ->Awesome

So finally, I got to experience my first SAP TechEd, where I get to meet all my virtual Tech family?. It is very difficult to express my experience in words but still let me try.

Early Planning

As always, I was full on confused to plan my agenda and guess what who helped me…of course our community and my dear friend Srikant Peri (we also need to meet for once we haven’t met even once). All set, the D day was here

Day 0

I reached one day earlier and planned to attend the SAP Community Influencer party. I must say it was a great experience specially meeting all your virtual world DJ Adams, Maxi, Mahesh, Marius, Craig, Vitaliy, Katarina, Krishna, Svea Becker, Mynyna, Vijay, Gaurav….. forgive me if I forgot to mention anyone. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, I could feel the spirit of our SAP Community. The high point for me was meeting DJ Adams from whom we all have and continue to learn so many things?  Me and Mahesh(Fiori Element Baba) also met for the first time trust me this guy is super cool always helping in and outside the community. Day 0 ended on a pretty high note for me!

Day 1

I was pretty excited for this day, could be judged from the fact that I managed to sleep for 1-2 hours and was up early? .The day started with a great keynotes by Sindhu and Juergen Mueller. I have experienced it virtually in all these years, in person the experience was altogether different. It was amazing to see thousands of SAP consultants under one roof?.Once the keynotes were over it was time to checkout what all is where. Initially it took us (me, Mahesh and Gaurav) sometime to understand where what things are located.  I had planned to attend many sessions on this day but ended up doing all unplanned things thanks to my partners in crime Mahesh & Gaurav. We started with a great SAP Community session by Svea Becker and Mynyna about how to get started in the community at Theater 1. I am specifically mentioning about this Theater as for the rest of two days for me this was the place to be?. After that we attended an unplanned hands on session on S/4HANA Analytics which was great.  The day ended with band performance in the evening on a high note.

Day 2

Five important things stand out on day 2 for me

  • Craig‘s inspiring ring story how community helped him make one.

  • Virtual reality and AR booth which just blew my mind. It was awesome, sky is the limit.

  • DJ Adams full house session on functional programming all he needs is a chrome console?and Maxi and DJ Adams quiz it was just so refreshing and cool.

  • Demo Pod’s were just great, they have done beautiful things.
  • Last but not the least getting the SAP Champion shirt – Speechless no words to express


Day 3

I attended for half a day as had some official commitments. Three important thing which stood out for me were

  • Two Vitaliy session one around data and another around docker both were awesome

  • What is Gardener and its role in the bigger scheme of things!
  • Spending some quality time with our esteemed inspiring community members Mahesh and Sudip.

Key Takeaways for me to investigate further?

SAP Teched is an experience of a lifetime, it can not be expressed in mere words. On technical front I would like to dig further on below mentioned stuff which Theater 1 Triggered?

  1. OrientDB
  2. AutoML/Fabric
  3. Datahub
  4. Gardener

The most important takeaway being getting to meet so many people known/unknown and lifelong memories. I think SAP Developer Garage, Community theaters, Mini code jam the whole area around it altogether has a different aura and vibrations. It is a place where you can spend N number of hours.


All thanks to our SAP Community team for the pass, my company Movilitas for sponsoring my travels and last but not the least our great SAP Community members which made this experience memorable. Shout out to Mahesh and Gaurav for making this experience unforgettable.



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