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Planned Depreciation by Profit Center or Cost Center

How can I report planned depreciation by Profit Center or any Cost Accounting dimensions?

Issue / Observation:

You have called up the Asset History Sheet with key figure group Asset History Sheet (Plan Values, No Hierarchy) (AHS_PLAN) or the Asset Balances app with key figure group Asset Balances (Default View) (ABS_DEF), or any other key figure group calling on depreciation plan data.

When adding Profit Center, Cost Center, WBS Element or any other dimension to the rows of the analytical app, only key figures referring to transaction data or to data already posted to the Journal are split by respective characteristic, while key figures related to planned depreciation such as “Acc. Depreciation at Reporting Date, Planned” are not.



Whereas asset transaction data and posted depreciation is recorded along with respective account assignments such as Profit Center, depreciation plan data is not. Thus, key figures related to planned depreciation cannot be disaggregated by Profit Center or other dimensions.


In order to report key figures related to planned (and not yet posted) depreciation of the Asset History Sheet or the Asset Balances app by Profit Center, Cost Center or similar dimensions please use the characteristic “Asset Profit Center” or “Asset Cost Center” instead. That is how you can use time dependent attributes of the Asset Master as drill down characteristics in Asset Accounting reports.

Good to know:

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