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Account Models of SAP Cloud Platform on Alibaba Cloud

In this blog, we will discuss about account models and add members to your global account and subaccounts. 在此博客中,我们将讨论帐户模型,并将成员添加到您的全局帐户和子帐户中。


  1. You have already requested a global account in cn40-ac-live as BETA account.
  2. You have created sub-account and assigned the “entitlement” from global account to sub-account. If not, please refer to the blog here.
  3. You have gotten the cockpit login URL.


Step 1: Administrator enters the email and password, which are activated by IAS, to login to cockpit,

第一步:主账号管理员登录cockpit 输入已激活的IAS管理员邮箱和密码

Goal: Add the global account users (global account administrator/global account viewer) 

目标: 添加主账号用户(主账号管理员/主账号只读用户)

Step2: Under security, you can find “Trust Configuration”


Step3: Click on Default identity provider

第三步:点击Default identity provider

Step4: You can assign roles by entering email address.

第四步: 您可以通过输入电子邮件地址来分配角色。


At this point, the user has been successfully added as the global account administrator.

Goal: Add the sub account users (sub account administrator/sub account viewer) 

目标: 添加子账号用户(子账号管理员/子账号只读用户)

Step5: Click on sub account

第五步: 点击进入子账号

Step6: Follow the same steps we’ve done for global account to set up sub accounts

第六步: 遵循我们为主帐户执行的相同步骤去設置子帳戶

You have successfully added the Subaccount administrator!


Prerequisites前提:You have the Space Manager or Organization Manager role.您具有空间经理或组织经理角色。

Special considerations in the Cloud Foundry environment. When you enable the Cloud Foundry environment in one of your subaccounts, the system automatically creates a Cloud Foundry org for you.

Cloud Foundry环境中的特殊注意事项。在一个子帐户中启用Cloud Foundry环境后,系统会自动为您创建一个Cloud Foundry组织。

Step7: Click on Space

Step8: Navigate to Member in the menu and click on “add member”.

第八步: 导航到菜单中的成员,然后单击“添加成员”。

Step9: Assign the users roles and click “save”

第九步: 为用户选择角色,然后保存更改


By now you have tackled the topics of account models. The way you set your account structure should match your business requirements. In the next blog, you will learn how to deploy your first application.?‍? ?‍?

到目前为止,您已经解决了帐户模型的主题。设置帐户结构的方式应该符合您的业务需求。 在下一个博客中,您将学习如何部署第一个应用程序。


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