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Detecting and Updating Deprecated UI5 Controls

I have recently been involved in a system upgrade where the client was making a significant jump in UI5 version. Rather than performing a manual audit first identifying deprecated controls then finding their location in every controller, view and fragment, I decided on taking a different approach; writing a chrome extension to perform the task for me!

The extension simply:

  • Detects UI5 and the version used
  • Loads the UI5 API references
  • Traverses the DOM searching for UI5 controls
  • Performs an API lookup for the detected controls in the API reference
  • Alerts results and outlines all deprecated controls on screen.

After writing and using this tool, I have decided to release this extension free to the public on the chrome store so that everyone can share in these significant time savings.

direct link:

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  • Hello Bradley,

    Great stuff. I am going to try this.

    I recently faced a similar situation when UI5 version was upgraded from 1.44 to 1.60 for one of our clients and some applications crashed.

    I am not sure about the feasibility but it would also be a nice feature if we are able to get the warning about deprecated controls or methods during the development in WebIDE.

    BR, Ekansh