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Create Checklists in SAP FSM from PDF

Checklists are commonly used by Service Technicians to carry out activities and record it so as to ensure that no step is forgotten or skipped. It is also used to make sure that tasks are done in an established order. The checklists can be designed such that it would ensure completeness and consistency while reducing errors in carrying out a task.

Using SAP FSM, the Service Technician can execute the checklist in the hand-held device in the same way as it is used in paper format.

There are two ways to create templates for checklists in SAP FSM:

  1. Use the PDF file to create checklist
  2. Import the compatible checklist file in zip format.

In this blog, we will be discussing the first option, that is, to create checklist from a pdf file.

Suppose the Service Technician is using a paper-format checklist, shown below, to perform the operation / task.

The same checklist can be made available to the Service Technician in hand-held device.

The pre-requisite to convert this paper format checklist to a PDF file (either by scanning or by any other means). In SAP FSM, navigate to ‘Smartforms and Feedback’ section.

Click on the plus icon to create a new template. Select the category under which the template is to be saved.

Select the pdf file.

Click on ‘Create’. Navigate to ‘Report’ tab. Select the appropriate elements from options available at right-hand side and super-impose on the relevant fields of the checklist.

For instance, superimpose the ‘Checkbox’ element on the relevant fields:

Default values can also be set for the selected elements by double-clicking on it. For instance, if a checkbox is to be unchecked as default, the same option can be set as shown below:

There are options in ‘Advanced Settings’ for the elements which can be chosen as per the business requirement

Under ‘Report View Settings’, the color of the superimposed element and the font which goes in it can be configured.

Once completed, the template would look like below:

Now release the template. Check the appearance of checklist in hand-held device.

The Technician can now maintain the Checklist and Submit it.

Once the checklist is submitted, it appears as attachment in the business object (Service Call). It appears in PDF format as shown below:


Checklist is a vital functionality for Service Technician which he can make use of on his hand-held device. The above scenario holds good for checklists which are created in SAP FSM. There could be requirements where-in in an integrated landscape, the checklists are to be created in the leading system like ERP and then has to be replicated to SAP FSM. These requirements can be tricky and challenging to realize. SAP has provided BAdI’s which could be used for this purpose as it would involve custom development.



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