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Working with Partner Solutions During Upgrade and Associated Errors

Hello Everyone,

This document is intended to Partners / Developers who are working with Software Development Kit (SDK ) and making changes to the solution while upgrade is planned/ Scheduled.

It is a very common question/ concern arises during the upgrade window on how to upload a solution from one tenant to another where both tenants are in different release versions. Please note that once your Test system is upgraded you cannot upload or deploy a patch/ solution to production tenant as the test tenant is upgraded to the next release and the production tenant is still in the same old release.

What Happens if you try to do ?

You will receive error messages while trying to deploy the patch version from source system[Higher Release Version eg: Test tenant upgraded to 1911] to target system[Lower Release Version eg: Production tenant is still in 1908].

Below mentioned are the common errors which occurs, however the errors can vary:

  • Upload Failed.
  • Release SAP_LEAP  of solution is not compatible with the system. The upload to the repository failed.

Cause :

You cannot deploy a solution to a target tenant which is in a different release version. Versions of both Source tenant and Target tenant should be same then only system will allow you to deploy the solution.

What can be done?

In this scenario you should wait until the production system get upgraded to same release as test system. The upgrade window is usually of 2 weeks between the test and production upgrade. Currently there is no other way to deploy the patch from source to target if both tenants are in different release versions.

However Bug Fix feature helps to make the code correction directly in the production tenant instead of creating a new patch. Below are the points needs to be noted before using this functionality:-

  • Partners are advised to only use this feature during upgrades, and not as a regular method to solve Production issues.
  • The changes are allowed in the production tenant using the Production Bug Fix feature but this supports only for existing ABSL files.
  • You should manually update the code in the source tenant, to match the code changes which has been made using this functionality in the Productive tenant. If you don’t, the next patch that is moved from Test to Production will overwrite the changes made while using this functionality.

Other Parameters which you should keep in mind when upgrade is around the corner:

  • Finish up the developments and save your work.
  • Plan well and upload any major developments from test to production well before so that you can test and handle if there are any major issues in production due to the new patch.
  • During the upgrade phase(the time which is communicated by SAP well in advance) you cannot continue any development. You will receive upgrade related errors when you tries to login during this time.
  • Once the upgrade is finished, you have to re-activate the solution if it is in development phase.
  • Once the upgrade is over in both the tenants and you have assembled and downloaded the solution before upgrade, you must re-download to ensure compatibility in release versions in both the tenants.

Hope this information will be useful for you to avoid any difficulties in terms of PDI solutions during the upgrade window.

Best Regards,

Dhanya KV

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      Author's profile photo Prasanth Sarma Aryasomayajula
      Prasanth Sarma Aryasomayajula

      Nice Blog 🙂

      Author's profile photo Prabhu Mallappa Yandigeri
      Prabhu Mallappa Yandigeri

      Looks good 🙂


      Upward compatibly is allowed until N+2 releases but Downward compatibility is not supported as clearly mentioned by you. i.e. Test is on N release but Production is on N-1 release.

      Author's profile photo Dhanya KV
      Dhanya KV
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Prabhu, Thanks for highlighting this point!

      Author's profile photo Shankar Kumar Jha
      Shankar Kumar Jha

      Great blog.. people missed these do'es and dont's during upgrade, resulting error..

      Nice info, great work

      Shankar Jha

      Author's profile photo Dhanya KV
      Dhanya KV
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Shankar

      Author's profile photo AMS Support
      AMS Support

      Very informative.

      Author's profile photo Dhanya KV
      Dhanya KV
      Blog Post Author

      Blog for Production Bug Fix: