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Author's profile photo Yun-Hsuan Lin

Setting Up Your SAP Cloud Platform Account on Alibaba Cloud

We were happy to announce that SAP Cloud Platform runs BETA on Alibaba Cloud operated by China DataCom Corporation (CDC) last month and the BETA program provided selective customers access to new software before the official release. This is the blog series intended for the beta customers and partners in China.

我们很高兴地宣布,SAP Cloud Platform上个月在由中国数据通信公司(CDC)运营的阿里云上运行了BETA,并且BETA计划在正式发布之前为选择性的客户提供了访问新软件的权限。这是面向中国Beta版客户和合作伙伴的博客系列。

Prerequisite: You will receive a link https://<your-subdomain> to your Cockpit from CDC.


Step1: you can use your user ID and password to log into SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit.

步骤1: 您可以使用您的用户ID和密码登录到主控室


Step2: Navigate to the Subaccounts page, and then click on New Subaccount.

步骤2: 导航到“子帐户”页面,然后点击“新建子帐户”

Step3: A tile for your new subaccount is created in the Subaccounts page

步骤3: 创建了新子帐户在“子帐户”页面中

Step4: Click on the tile of your subaccount, and then click on Enable Cloud Foundry

步骤4: 点击子帐户,激活Cloud Foundry


Step5: Enter a name for the organization, Click Create.

步骤5: 输入组织公司的名称,点击创建


Step6: Navigate to the Spaces page, and then click on New Space.

步骤6: 导航到“空间”页面,然后单击“创建新空间”


Step7: Enter a name for the space. Click Save.



Step8: In the navigation panel, go to Entitlements > Subaccount Assignments. Select your subaccount in the Subaccounts dropdown menu. Click Go.

步骤8:在导航面板中,转到“权利” - “子帐户分配”。在“子帐户”下拉菜单中选择您的子帐户。单击开始



Step9: Click on Configure Entitlements and then Add Service Plans.



Step10: Select a service on the left and check the available service plans on the right. Click Add Service Plan.



Step11: You can adjust the assigned quota as necessary. When you are finished, click Save.


Now you are all set! In the next blog, we will teach you how to build a simple application on SAP Cloud Platform. Thank you for taking a moment to read our first blog. Please let us know if you encounter any issues when setting up the accounts.

一切就绪!在下一个博客中,我们将教您如何在SAP Cloud Platform上构建简单的应用程序。感谢您抽出宝贵时间阅读我们的第一个博客。如果您在设置帐户时遇到任何问题,请告诉我们。

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      Author's profile photo Markus Schalk
      Markus Schalk

      Dear Ms Lin

      We are a global customer of SCP and would like to scale an application over multiple regions.

      Therefore we would like to also use Application Runtime in China.

      When can we expect China to be generally available?

      Many thanks in advance!

      Author's profile photo Yun-Hsuan Lin
      Yun-Hsuan Lin
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Mr. Schalk,

      Sorry for my late response. SAP Cloud Platform on Alibaba Cloud is generally available. I will suggest you to contact your account executive for further details regarding how to use application runtime in China.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Wolfgang Röckelein
      Wolfgang Röckelein

      Dear Ms Lin,

      the GA of SCP on Alibaba Cloud is really great news!

      Is it possible for an European/Chinese company to connect from a european-based ERP installation via Cloud Connector to an subaccount of SCP on Alibaba Cloud?



      Author's profile photo Yun-Hsuan Lin
      Yun-Hsuan Lin
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Wolfgang,

      The cloud connector can be connected from European based ERP to sub-account in Alicloud via secure tunnel. This is technically feasible. The only issue might be the speed of the network.