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SAP Cloud Connector and Catalina

As you know, the SAP Cloud Connector (CC) lets you securely connect your on-premises systems with the SAP Cloud Platform. You can install it on Windows, Linux and Mac.

To run the CC, you need a java installation. I am using the SAP JVM 8.1 (that you can download here, by-the-way:

As a Mac user, I recently upgraded to Catalina. I had a couple of issues to begin with, but nothing special. But when I tried to start my CC lately, I came up with a lot of security warnings.

Here is an example of that warning:

““libdt_socket.dylib” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.”

Usually, you deal with them here by trusting the program in your security settings. Here is an example:

But allowing the execution one-by-one as the CC was starting did not help. There were still permissions missing.

As a non-security expert, I found the following workaround: I ended up opening my Finder and giving “read & write” access rights on my JVM folder to “everyone”.

After that, I could allow the execution of java and the associated libraries, and eventually start the CC.

Reverting the access rights to “everyone” to “read only” still allows to start my CC.

Again: I am no security expert so there may be better solutions to this. But hopefully this “quick and dirty” solution will help someone else!

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  • Thanks Sven,

    Middleware on macOS in production SAP system architecture would be very rare, one may assume, so a workaround is fine. 

    As a developer, one needs to use code sign.

    Let's hope the SAP JVM gets its signature soon. 

    However, when running cc in stand-alone mode, I do not experience any issues.

    Do you get the error when trying to install sapcc?


    % cd sapcc          
    sapcc % ls -l
    sapcc % ./ 
    Usage: ./ {console|start|stop|restart|status|install|reinstall|uninstall|
    sapcc % ./ status
    Checking for sapcc_Daemon: sapcc_Daemon is stopped.
    sapcc % ./ start 
    Starting sapcc_Daemon
    sapcc_Daemon started.
    sapcc % WARNING: cannot determine PID of process using port 8443
    Cloud Connector started on https://localhost:8443 (master)
    • Hi Denys,

      thanks for your response and solution!

      And yes: obviously this is a Developer-friendly solution only, not one for production.

      I did not try to install the CC, so I cannot tell you if the error is happening there too. I may do it during Christmas Holidays, when I have time 😉



    • Same type of error when running Java Web Tomcat inside Eclipse from SAP Cloud Platform Neo Environment SDK

      Solution = 

      open System Preferences > Security & Privacy: General

      Run the command that returns the cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified error

      Select Allow Anyway

      Select Open

    • I am facing the same issue! Localhost gives time-out error.

      Please help if anyone have a solution for this.

      p.s. I have java 1.8 on mac and also my terminal shows that Cloud Connector started!