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Extract Data from Marketing for Use in External Analytics Solutions

SAP Marketing Cloud Marketing uses real-time access through Core Data Service (CDS) Views to expose Marketing Analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud via Analytics Stories and Dashboards.

However, there are business scenarios, where customer need a different solution for Analytics: For example, if customer run a centralized Analytics, they need to extract data from SAP Marketing Cloud into other systems, for example into a central global Business Information Warehouse. Other example are scenarios, where marketing effectiveness shall be visualized in a dashboard, which exposes performance results of digital marketing together with success data of email campaigns from SAP Marketing Cloud.

Such scenarios can be supported, if mass data are extracted from Marketing Cloud into a corresponding external system being used for the required Analytics. This can be achieved by means of CDS based data extraction, which uses a mechanism named CDC (Change Data Capture).

You can find a how to documentation in the set up instructions of the SAP Best Practice Package Custom Reports and Analytics Stories (‏3SM‏) in chapter CDS Based Data Extraction. Both can be accessed from our the integration guide of SAP Marketing Cloud

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  • Hi Josef,


    thank you for sharing and the update.

    I have 2 queries here

    1.For the retraction back from SAP BPC 11.0 on BW4HANA (on-premise) to SAP Marketing Cloud (e.g. retraction the approved budget from SAP BPC) what will be the best practice ?

    2.Is there any standard retraction tool from either SAP Marketing Cloud or BW4HANA ?




    • Hi Silvia,

      the described capability aims to provide a one-way integration of mass data from marketing cloud into BW/4HANA. For retraction of data from BW back to SAP Marketing Cloud you can use our integration technology on CPI, implementing iFlows and our available APIs.

      Bes Regards,