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SAP Note Simplification Item Check implementation problems

The SAP Note “2399707 – Simplification Item Check” is the feature note which helps customer to execute the simplification item check framework. Customer needs to implement this note before they run the check framework. Sometime the implementation has the problems. This post is focusing on some problems and show the solution to them.


1, The note context and system code are inconsistent


When you want to implement the new version of SAP Note 2399707, you always get the warning message for some objects as below:

“Not all corrections applied; see change display.

Some corrections already exist; see change display”

But after the note implemented with checked warning message, you also get the syntax error when you try to active all of objects. Or you got the run time error in ST22 when you run the check framework via SUM.

Sometime, the errors like:


Affected objects:



This is because the system code and note context are inconsistent.

The check framework code belongs ST-PI component. In ST-PI old version, you implemented the SAP Note 2399707, then upgrade the ST-PI, and did the adjustment for objects. And implement the new version of 2399707.

This issue most occur in after ST-PI SP level upgraded:

  • ST-PI 740 from >= SP08 to SP09 or higher.
  • ST-PI 2008_1_700 from >= SP18 to SP19 or higher.
  • ST-PI 2008_1_710 from >= SP18 to SP19 or higher.


1, Open the class method /SDF/CL_RC_SIMPLE_CHK_DB->PERFORM_CHECK;

2, Go to the version management;

3, Retrieved the SP09 or SP18 upgrade version V2 or the version base on system;

And some system you can found the upgrade transport request as basis upgrade.

4, Do the same thing for all other objects but not “/SDF/RC_START_CHECK”. Because the report only contains the title warning.

5, SNOTE implement the note 2399707 again;

6, Ignore the report “/SDF/RC_START_CHECK” warning sine this is only title warning;


7, Active all of objects and complete the implementation.



2, Unable to read correction instruction when implementing the note



In case you experience issues in a system where SAP note 2399707 was already implemented, then you did do a SP update or release upgrade via SUM and afterwards try to implement SAP note 2399707 again.

The error message:

“Format of correction instructions 0020751258 212

0000092576 0091; unable to read corr. instruct.”


This is an issue in the SUM tool which has been fixed with SUM 2.0 SP03.



For systems which were upgraded in the past with older SUM versions, you can transport the objects of SAP note 2399707 implementation from a system which is not affected by this issue into the system which is affected by the issue. This will restore the TADIR entries of the objects. Afterwards (de)implementation of SAP note 2399707 is possible again. See also SAP note/KBA 2738153.


3, Unable to download  simplification item framework via SNOTE after SAPOSS shutdown


When you use SNOTE to download the latest version of SAP Note 2399707, you got the problem that it tries to connect to SAP backbone system as below.

  • The system is O71 or O72.
  • The user is SAPOSS or your logon user.


The SAPOSS has been shutdown at January 8, 2020, the download process will stop working unless Note Assistant (SNOTE transaction) is enabled in ABAP systems to work with digitally signed SAP Notes.


1, 2836302 – Automated guided steps for enabling Note Assistant for TCI and Digitally Signed SAP Notes

Or you can create incident with component “BC-UPG-NA“.

2, After SAPOSS shutdown, the Simplification Item Check (SAP Note 2399707), SAP Readiness Check (SAP Note 2758146) and SAP Business Scenario Recommendation (SAP Note 2758146) were been influenced. The details descript in KBA: 2882166 – The issues in Check Framework and SAP Readiness Check after SAPOSS shutdown

IMPORTANT: Update the check framework with the latest version (129).

Check SAP Note to fix the check framework issue if requried.

3, Manual update the Simplification item catalog content:

  1. Open the URL with your S-User.
  2. Download the Simplification item catalog
  3. Back to the simplification item check framework.
  4. Click “Upload Simplification item catalog from file”, and upload the file which you downloaded from step 2.


Additional Information

To learn more about how to perform simplification item check right and the relation to readiness check, you can follow below link:

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  • Hello Tony,

    so glad I found your blog – thanks for that!

    I am really struggling with the execution of the /SDF/RC_START_CHECK since it dumps. I was implementing 2761703, 2502552 and finally 2399707. Only the last gave me errors while objects were actived.

    First I’d like to ask if there is a fix for this issue that can be done easier than working with the version management? I am not quite a developer. I tried working my way through your solution but in the end I keep on seeing:

    “Method SITEM_SKIP_STAT_UPDATE_SINGLE Field LS_HEADER_INFO is unknown.” I see no chance with my abilities to activate these objects.

    I have some questions to which I dont see the answer in your blog post:

    1. Should I initially start and implement 2399707 event though it shows me activation errors? Should I start following your instructions in this half-implemented state or should I deimplement 2399707 before?

    2. You name 7 affected objects. Not all of them can be reached in SE80 (is this the right transaction anyway?) by “Class / Interface” –> <Affected Object> –> Methods –> Redefinitions –> <Method>. What about /SDF/GEN_FUNCS_S4_RELEVAN_CHK, /SDF/RC_START_CHECK_F01 and /SDF/RC_START_CHECK (this one can be spared out if I understand you right)?

    3. When I am actually in the objects version management do you want me to retrieve an the same version for all of the 7 (or 6) affected objects? What should I do after the retrieval? Activate?

    4. When I am done with that, what is the next step? Directly go to SNOTE and implement 2399707 again? Should i check all unselected checkboxes in the “Confirm Changes” dialogue?

    I hope you can help me out on that somehow 🙂

    Anyway, thanks in advance!