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The Applications of SAP Across Different Industries

System Applications and Products (SAP) is an enterprise software designed to help companies from different industries manage their finances, logistics, human resources, and other business-related processes. The most important offering of the SAP type of software is the ERP system which is currently the most advanced Enterprise Resource Planning systems. 

However, ERP isn’t the only component of SAP software. The software also includes business application components such as Business intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Supply Chain Management (SCM). 

Over the last years, SAP has evolved so much that it can offer application software and industry-specific solutions that can support business functionality. But how exactly is SAP used across different industries? 

Sports industry 

Although it may seem surprising, SAP software solutions also have applicability in the sports industry as well. if you would think that the sports industry can’t be helped by this innovative technology, think twice! SAP Sports One solutions can help sports teams enhance their technical capabilities in the areas of game analysis, performance management, and sports science. 

SAP in sports can have a major impact on improving multiple areas including team management, training management, getting accurate performance insights and keeping track of players’ health and fitness. The software solutions can do several operations from analyzing and tracking players’ talent development and progress, to making training plans based on each player’s attributes and skills. 

The sports industry is by nature a competitive one, but with SAP Sports One solutions, teams worldwide can take the game to a completely different level. SAP solutions are currently used by over 200.000 businesses from all industries worldwide.  If you would like to see a great example of the applicability of SAP, you can check out this website.

Logistics industry 

Within the logistics industry, SAP can provide businesses support in most of the functions they complete from material management to selling or distributing products, warehouse management, and customer service. 

Although all departments in logistics companies function using different types of technologies customized for their specific needs, SAP integrates all the functions of all the existing technologies within a company providing real-time access to data to all stakeholders. 

How can SAP help the logistics businesses perform better? Through increased revenue, more efficient and reliable material purchases resulting in cost savings, increased customer satisfaction, and the reduction of the costs for distribution and freight.. Using a digital manufacturing cloud for execution and insights, predictive analytics, and machine learning and edge computing, the SAP system can improve and optimize all processes from the logistics industry. 

Manufacturing industry

Over the last decade, the manufacturing industry has become more and more reliant on technology and automation. And, for a good reason, technological solutions in the manufacturing industry can result in reduced costs, improved efficiency and productivity, and, obviously, a competitive edge. 

But how can SAP improve this industry? SAP ERP solutions can support multiple manufacturing types including discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, and repetitive manufacturing. In each of these areas, SAP can be integrated to help the businesses run their processes more efficiently.  it can provide the manufacturing industry with solutions that automate and streamline key business functions not only in operations but also in financials and human resources. 


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