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SAP and Microsoft announce a cloud-based partnership

The multinational software corporation SAP recently reached an agreement with Microsoft for migration to the cloud. The three-year partnership is referred to as “Embrace” and it’s meant to assist clients to run business operations with the help of remote servers by SAP’s flagship S/4HANA database. Moving the data to the cloud is a measure to solve common customer complaints, not to mention streamline their journeys. Complexity will be reduced and costs will be minimized my making the transition to SAP S/4HANA Cloud. 

The cloud-based partnership is good news for SAP and Microsoft alike. It makes the bond between the two corporations stronger. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that SAP will continue to collaborate with important names in the industry, such as Google and Amazon. The choice is determined based on the needs of customers who run either SAP or AWS. They are the only ones who take advantage of the benefit, so it seems only normal that the software and technology solutions company concentrates on making customers happy. 

What SAP wants to is: 

  • Drive digital transformation by powering the next generation of IoT 
  • Enable customers to set up their own private servers 

The clock is ticking when it comes down to SAP S/4HANA Cloud. To be more precise, there will no longer be support for traditional systems in the years to come. Adopting an entirely new suite of programs can take some time, yet there are many advantages to deploying this next-generation solution. It’s expected that 100 percent of customers will make the switch. Examples of capabilities include: 

  • Database & Data Management 
  • CRM & Customer Experience 
  • ERP & Digital Core 
  • HR & People Engagement 

Interestingly, background checks can be integrated with SAP. For example, you can implement Sterling RISQ pre employment screening, which enables users to initiate background checks, record job applications, send candidate information, view reports, and make hires. The pre-integrated solution that enables interoperability with SAP. 

When SAP will move to the cloud, customers will have access to unlimited resources, numerous data centers being available in each geographical region. It’s simple to scale up or down the infrastructure, in addition to the fact that no time is wasted on operational and administrative tasks. This matters for an organization that employs thousands of workers and needs a strong cloud migration strategy. Customers in focused industries will leverage support from Azure and SAP Cloud Platform, so the road to the digital enterprise has never been easier. 

To sum up, SAP and Microsoft will take people to the cloud through industry practices, singular reference architecture, and cloud-delivered services. Customers will be working with tow industry leaders, so they have a guarantee that they are adopting some of the best technologies safely and efficiently. We aren’t talking about a new partnership, but about one that has stood the test of time. IT organizations don’t have to worry about SAP and Microsoft’s deepening connection because a layer of abstraction was created. What is more, it may not be for an extended period. 

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