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SAP Quartz Theme for WebClient UI

SAP Fiori 3 is the new target design for all SAP products to enable the Intelligent Suite.

The new SAP Quartz Light theme based on SAP Fiori 3 guidelines is now available for WebClient UI!

The more neutral Quartz Light theme aims to give application content the center stage. As it is simple and minimalistic, it will also make it easy for customers to theme it to their brand.

If you are using WebClient UI in standalone mode, you can choose SAP Quartz Light theme from Personalization – Personalize Layout.


So, what has changed in the WebClient UI?

First of all, you will notice the changes in header bar where e.g. the user icon has moved from the left to the right of the screen.

Clicking on the user icon brings up the User Actions Menu, giving access to the same features as before, but now as a drop-down list rather than via the SAP Fiori 2.0 Me Area, as shown here:

The side panel can be accessed with Menu icon.

If you are using WebClient UI in Fiori Launchpad Integrated mode, you can choose SAP Quartz Light theme from FLP User Settings – Appearance. The WebClient UI Apps in FLP Integrated mode will be displayed with selected theme.

In addition to updating action placement in the shell header bar, we have also updated action placement in apps, so that buttons are positioned more intuitively.

Some of the icons for commonly used actions are replaced to meet SAP Fiori 3 requirements.

Also Font 72 is implemented to provide UX consistency.

The new SAP Quartz Light theme has become available for SAP S/4HANA Service (Release SAP S/4HANA 1909). Additional L-Shape adjustments are added with SAP Note: 2836015


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  • Hi

    Thanks for this update.

    Are there any development with respect to "Responsiveness" in Webclient UI for different user form factors , just like Fiori UI5 Apps?

    Accessing Webclient UI in Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone.



    • Hi K Anandh 

      The WebClient UI Apps are supported for desktops and tablets only.

      Currently the compact mode is available, there is no cozy mode.

      There are some new developments for responsive object pages and header facets. There will be blogs regarding these features soon.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Saminder,

    Thanks for making people aware of this... encouraging how quickly so many of our SAP solutions are aligning to SAP Fiori 3 design.

    To make this easier to discover, appreciate if you would please add the SAP tag: SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA

    Also it would be great if you could include the URL link to the SAP Notes to make them easier to reference e.g.