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Adding User Defined Fields (UDFs) to Landed Costs in SAP Business One

According to your business requirements, such a demand being request from you, add new fields to the header of the Landed Costs template that will stored there, such details; container number, customs officer, country of origin, …

From Modules > Tools > Customization Tools > User-Defined-Fields Management, open the UDFs Management window, and you’ll explore the following category as showing in the following screenshot,

From the Landed Costs section > Title > press on the Add button,

Within the Field Data window, we’re defining the following details;

  • Title; can’t contain; spaces, foreign letters (ş,ğ,ö,ü,…),
  • Description; here define the description that will be represented in the Landed Costs template
  • Type; choose the one that suits the field type; Alphanumeric, Numeric, Date/Time, Units and Totals, General.
  • Length; here you’re defining the most length of the field, how many characters and numbers, but it’s not an obligation to fill the field with this number of digits every time we’re using this field,
  • Mandatory Field, chose if the field will be mandatory or not,
  • Set default value for field; if you define the field as mandatory, you should set a default value for the field otherwise the field won’t be created, producing such an error;

If you want you can delete the default value of the field after it’s being created, go to UDFs Management and press on the Update button, then within the Field Data window, uncheck the “Set default value for field”

The default value that you used in this field will be used for the previous added docs, for example we can execute a query on the OIPF table, and we can see these fields starting with U_ in the Query Generator,

After defining the new fields, go to Landed Costs template, you won’t see them in the template, from View > User-Defined Fields, and a new associate window will be represented in the right-side of the landed costs window, you can edit their positions and move them into the main template by editing the UI from Tools > Edit form UI,

Note that, we can change the values of these fields for the previous added docs, even after being added to the system, for that we don’t have to be worry about if we create these fields not from the first implementation of the company database,


Hope this helps,


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