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Key Highlights from S/4HANA 1909 – Technical Perspective!!

With the release of S/4HANA 1909, there have been lot of queries around what is New/changes for me(Technical consultants/Functional Consultants/Business users etc..) with 1909.

I tried to find out the details and as expected (from the community ) could find a lot of good information in the form of blogs ( SAP S/4HANA 1909: The leapfrog for Finance professionals to drive enterprise transformation, Intelligent ERP: SAP S/4HANA 1909 Release), Release documents , highlight videos etc.. But,I had to specifically look for the the information of my interest (Technical Consultant) .

In this blog, i have tried to collate the key highlights ( Changes and New inclusions ) of S/4HANA 1909 from a technical person’s point of view. So here we go…

ABAP Development

Title Description Type Link for more Info
ABAP Programming Language With 1909 comes the version 7.54 and release specific ABAP programing changes have been made. Changed Reference
ABAP Development Tools (Eclipse-based) Changes have been made to the ADT tools Changed

SAP – ABAP Development User Guide: Version 3.4

SAP – ABAP CDS Development User Guide: Version 3.4

SAP – ABAP for SAP HANA Development User Guide: Version 3.4

Changing the Contact Person of ATC Findings This feature enables you to change the contact person of ATC findings, if you want to assign ATC findings to a certain developer. New Reference
E-Mailing Statistics for ATC Run Series This feature enables you to send e-mail notifications for statistics of an ATC run series. This e-mail contains detailed information on the check run result and a link to check run result in SAP GUI. New Reference
New Client Copy Tool You can now use the new Client Copy tool. New Reference
ABAP RESTful Programming Model Starting with Application Server ABAP 7.54 SP00, the APAP RESTful programming model, one of the major investment areas in the ABAP platform is available to you. It includes essential extensions of the ABAP language, development tools and frameworks and provides the architecture for efficient end-to-end development of intrinsically SAP HANA-optimized OData services (such as Fiori apps) in Application Server ABAP. New Reference


Extensibility & Analytics

Title Description Type Link for more Info
Custom Business Objects

The Custom Business Objects app offers the following new features: With the Change Documents option, you can track changes made to a custom business object on the generated UI on entry level. Change documents will record fields that were created or changed.

Now you can select fields of type Association to Business Object as key fields.

Now you can select several keys for a custom business object enabled as Can Be Associated

Changed Reference
Custom Reusable Elements You can now upload custom code lists an their translations. Changed Reference
Custom CDS Views

The Custom CDS Views app has the following new features:

•Deprecation of CDS views is displayed on field level.

•The data volume of a preview can now be changed.

•Setting parameters in the preview is now supported with value helps (Date and Time).

•Session variables and parameters are available in the expression Editor

•The cardinality of associations is now displayed by default.

Changed Reference
Manage KPIs and Reports

With this app, you can create groups, KPIs, reports, and applications to launch directly from the Fiori Launchpad. You can configure metrics to the KPIs and visualize the data either in chart or table format. The Reports feature has both Generic and Analytical list page visualization. This data analyzation helps the organization to analyze data from different perspectives, investigate root causes, and act accordingly to improve the quantity and quality of the business unit.

This app replaces KPI Designer & Report Designer Apps which will be deleted with SAP S/4HANA 1909 FPS02

New Reference



Title Description Type Link for more Info
Data Migration to SAP S/4HANA from Staging

The scope item now includes the following:

•  Additional data migration business objects

•  Updates to some existing migration objects

For details check Scope Item 2Q2 ( Data Migration to SAP S/4HANA from Staging )

Changed Reference
Data Migration to SAP S/4HANA from File

The scope item now includes the following:

• Additional data migration business objects

•Updates to some existing migration object

For details check Scope item BH5 ( Data Migration to SAP S/4HANA from File )

Changed Reference
SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit – Transfer Data Directly from SAP Source System This feature enables you to transfer data directly from an SAP source system. This new migration approach allows an automated selection and extraction of business data from SAP source systems and facilitates a direct data migration to SAP S/4HANA without using files or staging tables. With SAP S/4HANA 1909, approximately 100 migration objects are available for the data migration from SAP ERP, and additional migration objects are available for the data migration from SAP AFS and SAP EWM. New Reference
Web Socket Remote Function Call This feature lets you call remote-enabled function modules (RFMs) over HTTP/Web Socket. For more details refer to the reference link New Reference


SAP Fiori Launchpad

Title Description Type Link for more Info
In-App Help To help you work with the Launchpad , information to the in-app help for the important SAP Fiori Launchpad features. In-app help can be enabled by the administrator. New Reference
Automatic Sign-Out For security reasons the Launchpad now performs an automatic sign-out when the user has been inactive for a specific time. The default value is 30 minutes, this can be changed or disabled by the administrator. There are two Launchpad configuration parameters to control the settings: SESSION_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL_IN_MINUTES and SESSION_TIMEOUT_REMINDER_IN_MINUTES. New Reference
Configuration Parameter ENABLE_ONLINE_STATUS is Deprecated The SAP Fiori Launchpad configuration parameter ENABLE_ONLINE_STATUS is deprecated because the feature Online Status was removed. The parameter will be removed with the next version. Changed Reference
ABAP Class for Login Screen Configuration For the SAP Fiori Launchpad there is a new ABAP class /UI2/CL_FIORI3_LOGIN. It supports Content Security Policy (CSP). If you created your own login page in a previous version, you need to adapt your ICF settings now to use the new class. New Reference
Role-Free Enablement of SAP Easy Access Menu for App Finder This feature enables administrators to configure that entries from the SAP Easy Access menu are displayed in the App Finder for all Launchpad users in the system or client. Before, it was only possible to configure this on role-level. New Reference
SAP Fiori Launchpad Content Manager Complementing the Launchpad designer, the Launchpad content manager simplifies the creation and adaptation of business catalogs. You can use it both to explore existing content and to create your own catalogs by copying existing ones and adapting them to your needs. New Reference
Migrate Personalization Data A new report enables you to migrate personalization data from one system to another. The report collects the personalization data available in the system where you run it, and writes these data to transport requests. New Reference
Show Client Role and Product Version in About Dialog This feature enables SAP Fiori Launchpad end users to display the client role and the product version in the About dialog which can be opened from the User Actions Menu. New Reference
Delete Personalization Data This feature enables administrators to delete personalization data (home page personalization, user settings and app-specific personalization data) for one, multiple or all users in the system. New Reference
E-Mail Notifications The Launchpad now supports e-mail notifications. If an app offers e-mail notifications, the user can select to receive them. New Reference
Integration of WebClient UI Applications This feature enables administrators to integrate applications based on the WebClient UI in the SAP Fiori Launchpad. New Reference
Launchpad Animation Mode is Deprecated The SAP Fiori Launchpad animation mode will be removed with the next version. It is no longer needed due to the removal of the Me Area. The Launchpad configuration parameter HOMEPAGE_ANIMATION_MODE and the Animation setting in the Settings dialog will be removed. New Reference
Featured Group A new group, the Featured Group, is added that is displayed as first group on the home page. The Featured Group is a locked group showing two lists with your recent activities and frequently used apps. It needs to be enabled by an administrator with the new Launchpad configuration parameter HOMEPAGE_FEATUREDGROUP. New Reference
SAP Fiori User Experience Design With the version SAPUI5 1.65 , SAP  introduced the new SAP Fiori 3 layout to streamline user experience between different SAP products. Actions and notifications are now directly integrated in the home page and the home page is always fully visible. New Reference
Tile Size Changes The SAP Fiori Launchpad now supports a change of the tile size for custom tiles. You should enable this in your custom tile component. Changed Reference
SAP Quartz Light Theme This feature enables you to use the new SAP Quartz Light as basis theme for creating your own custom themes with UI theme designer. New Reference
SAPUI5 The UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) was upgraded to version 1.65. Changed Reference


This is not the comprehensive list but the selected key highlights only. For the complete details please refer to the release document What’s New in S/4HANA 1909 and also refer to the link provided inline for each item.

Hope you will find this information useful!!




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