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Paving the Way to SAP Fiori UX for SAP S/4HANA #SAPTechEd Recap

A big thank you to Matt Harding for recommending this session on this great Coffee Corner podcast.

Source: SAP

SAP TechEd Las Vegas Replay

Insights into fundamental strategy for S/4HANA

How Fiori makes S/4HANA the intelligent enterprise

New tools

Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.

Source: SAP

High level

Ambition for S/4HANA – Intelligent ERP

Intelligent processes – remove repetitive tasks – RPA, machine learning, help to improve processes

Complementary part is the user experience

Source: SAP

Fiori is the go to user interface for S/4HANA

Customers who do not implement Fiori, will not benefit from innovations

New innovations are only available for Fiori

Source: SAP

If not implement Fiori the way intended, will have high user costs

Cherry picking of apps breaks user experience

Source: SAP

Fiori is more than Fiori apps

Is full functional scope covered by Fiori apps?  No, as Fiori is more than apps

Source: SAP

Fiori is a design system, interaction patterns, placement, design system is independent of technology

For S/4HANA use SAPUi5 and classical transactions

Fiori itself is technology agnostic

Key ingredient is launchpad – generic services, search, documentation

Apps tailored to specific use case or tasks of user

Fiori visual theme – consistent visual experience

Source: SAP

Why important?

Build intelligent ERP

Offer new way of working

How does it look?

Source: SAP

How implement/not

Cherry picking apps – if you do this you end up with 2 entry points for the user (launchpad and SAP Gui); end up with bad user experience

High implementation costs; Fiori apps are not designed to be used individually

Recommendation is on right – implement Fiori along business roles, browser or Business Client

Source: SAP

Perimeter approach

Enter launchpad

Middle – insight to action

Lower level – see detailed UI’s – left Fiori, right Classical UI

Source: SAP

Offer different pyramids per role

Out of the box comprehensive business roles, template for your project, don’t assume fit 100% of needs

Source: SAP

Different deployment options

Fiori for ERP – recommend separate Front end server; keep ERP system stable, and Fiori was innovation

For S/4HANA, recommend embedded deployment; backend is innovation driver

Source: SAP

If you want a single entry point, offer SCP portal, central launchpad, connect to multiple systems, next generation of portal – not yet available; heavily developing

Source: SAP

Client strategy – access by browser

Second option for those who want local client – use Business Client which has 3 connection types

Source: SAP

Left – browser

Right – Business Client (outer shell is Business Client, running Chromium browser, gui transaction opens in separate tab)

Source: SAP

No notes, but the text is interesting

Source: SAP

If you do cherry picking of apps, will experience they may not work – navigation breaks

High implementation costs, reconfiguration, it takes a while

Source: SAP

Steps – do it in a sandbox

Fit gap analysis for Fiori

Adjust content

Source: SAP

Identify relevant business roles

Go to apps library

Aggregate roles

Source: SAP

Not many notes on this one, other than the new Fiori Content Manager

Source: SAP

Mass maintenance with Fiori Content Manager

Source: SAP

No notes on this one, something you should try yourself in your sandbox

Source: SAP

Fiori Content Manager

Delivered by Support Pack

Source: SAP

Fiori is the go-to UI

Important to put it on road map

OK to do technical migration but have second phase; do it role by role


Replay is here

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