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Part#7. How to search for SAP standard CDS Views

SAP has delivered standard CDS views to create S4 Real Time Analytics and this is also called S4 or S4HANA Embedded Analytics. For attention of BW consultant, it is kind of similar to SAP standard BW content which is delivered by SAP for each module and can be leveraged to create complex analytics.  As we can enhance the standard BW content to meet specific business needs, in similar manner SAP standard CDS views can also be enhanced or consumed to meet business requirements.  Now the question is ‘How I can find this standard SAP content of delivered out of the box CDS views?’ ‘How would I know a CDS view is already delivered by SAP which has all the required fields OR there are couple of views which together have all the required fields to create this analytics for business and there is no need to create any CDS view from scratch’?  So there are 2 best ways of looking for the SAP standard content, let’s look at them;

  1. The best and preferred way is SAP Help portal. Follow this;



  • Follow this path;


  • Under CDS Views, you can find information of all the SAP standard CDS views categorized in separate function modules OR Business Functions with all the related information of that view;


  • Check out any one;


2. Another way which I also rely on is the ‘Query Browser’ app on ‘Fiori Launchpad’. Login to the Fiori launchpad to find the app.  If you can not see this app, make sure you have this role assigned to your user: SAP_BR_EMPLOYEE.    Search for ‘Query Browser’;


You must see this page on the ‘Query Browser’ app and this is the place to look for standard CDS views for different SAP functional modules.


in summary, we must not re-invent the wheel.  It is very important to know about standard SAP delivered CDS view content and re-utilize it.  So whatever business module you are working on, with the help of this blog post, you can find out the standard delivered content and utilize the views already developed by SAP.  This drastically reduce the development effort and and business users will be happy to get the analytical reports faster than they expect.


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