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My Experience of Scrum Daily Stand-up Meeting

When I first know the scrum framework was three years ago. At that time I am not clearly know the values inside it, I took the role of frontend developer and attend the scrum events on time, follow the scrum working rules and try my best to achieve my sprint goals. Due to project org change, I was promoted to be a part-time Scrum Master in 2016.

During my road to be a more qualified scrum master, I met many challenges. In order to resolve my questions, I learned the qualified scrum master course and the PMP. I plan to summarize my practices. Here I want share my ways to hold daily stand-up meeting.

How to define scrum team size?

The scrum team include three roles: Development Team(in our projects: fronted developers, backend developers, testers, UI designers), PO, Scrum Master.

Based on functional modules or technical domains, I prefer to define two development teams, if the project have more than 12 developers(The preferred size of one scrum team is between 3 to 9 persons defined in Scrum Alliance).

What is daily scrum?

The basic definition of daily scrum is that it’s one of scrum events, it was held everyday at same time and same place, limited in 15 minutes, everyone should stand-up during the meeting time.

In daily stand-up meeting, development team should inspect and adapt on sprint progress for sprint goals(Sometime I will show our sprint progress to development team in daily meeting), team should not discussion specific problems before daily ends. Other colleagues can be invited to observe. Scrum master should help on this.

Who are invited to our daily stand-up meeting?

  • Development Team is mandatory required to attend daily stand-up meeting.
  • PO is invited and he will update the status of requirement preparation in next sprint.
  • PM and DevOps Colleagues are marked as optional, they know the daily stand-up meeting arrangement and if they are interested in this event, they can attend to observe.

Development Team Preparations before daily stand-up meeting (I will list below questions in my MR)

  • What did I get DONE yesterday? The JIRA ticket number is?
    1. We use JIRA system to record all the contents and status of our project. The system is transparent to all stakeholders, so we need to make sure we log the latest information in JIRA system.
    2. In order to track the sprint progress, we need to focus on “DONE” yesterday. We should close the tasks as soon as possible. Or we should reflect on whether the assessment is accurate.
    3. When colleagues was asked the JIRA ticket number, they probably will look into the system, log their working hours and update the ticket status.
  • What will I get DONE today? The JIRA ticket number is?
    1. I prefer to record the JIRA ticket numbers and review the contents in next morning if the status is not match.
    2. I prefer to ask the next plans or ask what I can help if the progress is slow. I won’t ask the reasons directly, because I should know the reasons and details status in every daily stand-up meeting.
  • Are there any Impediments showing/blocking my progress? Who is the processor or I may need any support?
    1. Help team identify the impediments if I see the progress cannot match our plannings.
    2. Find a processor to help team follow-up the impediments and track/push the resolution status.
    3. Report the risks/information to PM or project management team if the risks may cause delay.

What I did during scrum daily event?

  • I will book regular meeting request for scrum team.
  • I will write meeting minutes or check points to scrum team to remind the most important information.
  • I will listen carefully in the 15 minutes.
  • I will show and help the team know their progress.
  • I will maintain JIRA Scrum Board and JIRA Dashboard in time.
  • I will follow-up the JIRA ticket status and ask team colleagues to update by theirselves.
  • I should have empathy, I know encourage is more efficiency than accuse when I see we didn’t meet our goals.
  • I will record and report the risks which I identified to PM and Project management team immediately, I think this is a way to protect our team.
  • I will encourage colleagues to communicate with each other.
  • I will encourage colleagues share their suggestions and ideas at anytime anywhere.
  • Etc.


Above all, if you have any good ideas or suggestions, please kindly contact me and let me know, thanks very much~ 🙂

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      Superb Article !!

      This is so useful for someone who is new to Agile !!