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Nameserver Port Used in HDBUSERSTORE for SAP Application Installation

In this blog post we will discuss regarding hdbuserstore functionality that is used for connect S/4 Application server to HANA DB server.

Recently I have worked on S/4 HANA 1809 implementation project and found something new regarding hdbuserstore.


Background: In S/4 HANA 1610, 1709 or other application which are installed with HANA DB 2.0 are using sql port number 3IN15 to connect with HANA DB. This is generally indexserver port. if our HANA DB instance number is 90 then port will be 39015.

In this below image hdbuserstore is using 39015 port which is related to indexserver  sql port. Indexserver services is relevant to tenant database in HANA 2.0 and S/4 Apps connect to HANA DB via this port.

Let me show HANA Studio index server port as well. Here we can see SQL port of index server 39015. That’s fine.


What is new in S/4 HANA 1809 connectivity with HANA 2.0 using hdbuserstore?

Below is picture of S/4 HANA 1809 hdbuserstore list. In this below image in hdbuserstore store using port 34013 whereas 40 is HANA DB instance. But this is nameserver sql port.

Here in hdbuserstore you observe that nameserver port (e.g. 34013) is used in hdbuserstore instead of indexserver port (e.g. 34015) for a tenant DB.

Below is HANA Studio screen and here we can see that 34013 is nameserver port.

Why this happening ?

This is not a bug or any technical issue. The is normal behavior. The hdbuserstore key was created for a tenant database by using command during installation of S/4 HANA Application system.

hdbuserstore SET <KEY> <HANA_hostname:systemdb_port@tenant_database> <USERNAME> <PASSWORD>

hdbuserstore SET DEFAULT “MYHANADB:34013@HED” SAPHANADB MyPassword

As result, you could find tenant DB name HED is specified in secure store with nameserver port.

To connect to a specified database, we can connect by using the sql port for the system database and the tenant database name.
This is recommended over specifying the specific port for the tenant database.

Thank you,
Amit Sharma

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