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Develop Your Most Powerful Apps on SAP HANA Cloud

SAP HANA Cloud was built with developers in mind. That’s why it’s not only an effective center for all an organization’s data, but also a powerful platform for app development. Here’s why.


Choose your Hyperscaler

SAP HANA Cloud is a multi-cloud database platform available on all hyperscale cloud platforms (Amazon, Azure, etc.) It gives you freedom of choice for the cloud infrastructure for your applications to run on. That freedom of choice extends beyond the selection phase, meaning you can move from one provider to another without concern about changing the application. An application developed on SAP HANA Cloud work equally well on any cloud infrastructure.

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On-Premise, the Cloud, or Hybrid

SAP HANA Cloud works well with existing SAP infrastructure. Using SAP HANA Cloud modeling and transformation options, you can extend on-premise applications such as SAP HANA to the cloud, with complete control over which systems, resources, and data can be accessed to the cloud and which remain on-premise. Meanwhile, SAP HANA Cloud is what powers cloud-native solutions such as SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, so these solutions can be easily deployed for complete end-to-end data management.

However, you don’t necessarily have to bring the entire application into the cloud. Depending on your particular business needs it may make more sense to extend a subset of existing resources or data to the cloud. For example, you might present results in a web application or cloud extension of an on-premises system.


Supporting Development

The development environment of choice for SAP HANA Cloud is SAP Web IDE, which is SAP HANA compatible and ideally suited for developing applications to run in an SAP environment. Both the SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA Cloud provide significant resources and infrastructure for application development.

By using the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) Cloud Foundry environment, SAP HANA Cloud provides an open-source, industry-standard PaaS technology for developing and deploying cloud applications in both private and public cloud environments. The SCP Cloud Foundry environment provides an industry-standard API that any application can use to access objects in SAP HANA Cloud. It supports the development of a wide variety of application types while allowing your developers to “bring their own language.” They can develop apps in the programming language of their choosing — whatever they’re familiar with, whether that be C++, Java, Javascript (node.js) or Python.

SAP HANA Cloud presents an empowering environment for developers that can read almost any data source as a virtual table. This means your environment can access a single source of data combining both local and remote sources, as well as data of different formats. This solution provides more than 50 adapters to the widest possible set of data sources, including familiar databases and applications as well as social media platforms. All that is required is some simple configuration typically performed by an administrator in response to a notification from Amazon or Google or an internal source stating that the system needs access data from a particular source.


Bringing Data Together

In short, SAP HANA Cloud puts any data source at your fingertips, with all of the various data sources mapped to a single source of truth. As an application programmer, you now have access to a single source of truth for data you can trust and rely on. All you have to do is start developing. This simplified approach to managing all the data required for your application not only makes it easy to get started. This solution makes it easy to make changes — including adjustments to existing sources or adding new ones as needed.


Build Your Perfect Application

What kind of application benefits from SAP HANA Cloud? Basically, any application that reads and writes data from multiple sources and that may have a foot both on-premises and in the cloud. This can include external applications such as webshops and stock trading environments as well as the full range of internal applications to address both front-office and back-office requirements. SAP HANA Cloud supports transactional, analytical, and hybrid processes that combine aspects of both.

Whatever kind of application you are developing, SAP HANA Cloud supports it on-premises, in the cloud, and everywhere in between.

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