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Introducing a new Liquibase extension for SAP HANA

What is Liquibase?

Liquibase is a popular open source database schema management tool. The tool uses the concept of change sets to manage the evolution of a database schema. The change sets can be specified in XML, JSON, YAML, or SQL files and contain the sequence of changes that are required to transform a database schema from one state to another. Liquibase keeps track of the changes in its own metadata tables in the database to determine which migration steps were already performed and which steps still need to be executed.

Liquibase supports different databases either built-in or via extensions.

What’s new?

The existing extensions for SAP HANA were outdated and were missing features. A new extension has been released that adds more complete support for SAP HANA to Liquibase.

The extension adds SAP HANA implementations of the Liquibase data types and standard changes. In addition, it adds a custom change for changing the type of a table from column store to row store and vice versa.

How can I get started?

To get started you can follow the Liquibase Quick Start documentation.

The Liquibase quick start guide uses the H2 database. To run the tutorial on SAP HANA you need to follow some additional steps and make some adjustments during the tutorial setup:


If you don’t have an SAP HANA instance yet, you can get a free copy of SAP HANA, express edition.

There are several options to run HANA:

Get the SAP HANA JDBC driver

The SAP HANA JDBC driver is available on Maven Central:


To use it in the quick start, download the JAR file and copy it into the lib folder.

Get the SAP HANA Liquibase extension

The SAP HANA Liquibase extension is also available on Maven Central:


It’s an open source extension, and as such the source code is also available on Github.

To use it in the quick start, download the JAR file and copy it into the lib folder.

Adjust the configuration

The file in the quick start project must be adapted for SAP HANA:

classpath: ./ngdbc-2.4.64.jar
url: jdbc:sap://hxehost:39015/
username: SYSTEM
password: HXEHana1
changeLogFile: myChangeLog.xml

Make sure to change the host, port, username, and password properties to match your database.

Complete the tutorial

With these changes in place you can now complete the tutorial and run some changes against your SAP HANA database.

Happy coding!

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      Author's profile photo Naveen Gote
      Naveen Gote

      Good information about SAP hana and easy to learn for beginners

      Author's profile photo christian calabia
      christian calabia

      Hi Jonathan Bregler thank you for this article. Is official maintained by SAP?