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How to Use Project “Piper” Docker Images for CI/CD with Azure DevOps

Project “Piper”, SAP’s open-source solution for continuous integration and delivery, does not only contain a shared library with steps, scenarios, and utilities for Jenkins pipelines but also a set of Docker images for implementing CI/CD best practice processes. However, just like our shared library, these images were quite limited to Jenkins and typical project “Piper” use cases. But what if you want to use your own CI tool, such as Azure DevOps, together with an SAP-specific pipeline?

If that’s the case, we have good news for you: We’ve started to rework and decouple our Docker images so that as a first result, you can use project “Piper” out-of-the-box together with Azure DevOps. We now provide a CI/CD pipeline with build, test, and deploy steps for classical SAP UI5 applications on Azure DevOps in the Cloud Foundry environment.

How can you use our CI/CD pipeline?

  1. In your project sources, create a yml-file named azure-pipelines.yml and copy the following code into it:
    # Starter pipeline
    # Start with a minimal pipeline that you can customize to build and deploy your code.
    # Add steps that build, run tests, deploy, and more:
    name: cd-openui5-sample-app
      - container: mta
        image: 'ppiper/mta-archive-builder:latest'
        options: --user 0:0
      - container: cfcli
        image: 'ppiper/cf-cli'
        options: --user 0:0 --privileged
      - container: node
        image: 'geekykaran/headless-chrome-node-docker:latest'
        options: --privileged
    - master
    - stage: build
      displayName: Build MTA for SAP Cloud Platform
        - job: build
            vmImage: 'ubuntu-latest'
          container: mta
            - bash: 'mtaBuild --build-target CF --mtar MySampleApp.mtar build'
            - publish: $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/.
              artifact: WebApp
    - stage: test
      displayName: Run Karma Test Suite
        - job: test
            vmImage: 'ubuntu-latest'
          container: node
            - bash: 'cd MySampleApp && npm config set @sap:registry "" && npm install && npm run-script test'
            - publish: $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/.
              artifact: TestResult
    - stage: deploy
      displayName: Deployment to SAP Cloud Platform (cf)
        - job: deploy
            vmImage: 'ubuntu-latest'
          container: cfcli
            - download: current
              artifact: WebApp
            - bash: 'cf login -u "$(CF-USER)" -p "$(CF-PASSWORD)" -a "$(CF-API)" -o "$(CF-ORG)" -s "$(CF-SPACE)" && cf deploy $(Pipeline.Workspace)/WebApp/MySampleApp.mtar -f'
  2. In Azure DevOps, define variables for the secrets in the code (CF-USER, CF-PASSWORD, CF-API, CF-ORG, CF-SPACE).

Done! And the greatest thing about it? You can extend your pipeline by adding any desired Docker container.

Do you want to know how others have experienced working with our adapted Docker images? We’re currently writing a blog post about our collaboration with the customer who initiated our rework. Stay tuned!

Edit: Here’s the follow-up blog post: Project “Piper” and Azure DevOps: Successful Collaboration with ‘delaware’

Are you new to CI/CD by SAP? Have a look at Continuous Integration and Delivery by SAP.

Are you interested in SAP’s CI/CD offerings? See SAP Solutions for Continuous Integration and Delivery.

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  • Hi Sarah,

    thank you for sharing this awesome stuff. I just did copy and paste, and it's working. The magic behind is the docker hub, who is acting as central hub for dependencies in azure devOps

    Great stuff, great post - thank you !



  • Hello Sarah

    I have been trying to seek a blog on this topic for 18+ months - i.e. SAP confirmation that Azure DevOps Pipeline that can utilise Piper containers. However 99% of SAP CI/CD documentation only references Jenkins for CI / CD outside of SAP tooling. This is brilliant !

    Do you know if SAP will officially confirm that Project Piper can be used with Azure DevOps, and use of docker containers under the control of Azure DevOps Pipelines?

    All previous contact with SAP was that they cannot comment / commit to use of Piper with Azure DevOps, only Jenkins.

    Which means at the moment we are using Azure DevOps Pipelines (strategic for my client) to trigger Jenkins jobs (exceptional use only) on push / pull-request to Git for MTA builds + deployment to Neo / CF / XSA.

    Any feedback on this would be appreciated.






  • Hi Sara,


    Thank you for the blog. We are using the similar one . It was working till I use the grunt builder in UI . Now it is no more working with the new UI template and getting the below error. Could you help on this.


    ERROR: Failed to build module "Demo". Builder not found: "custom"




  • Hi Thorsten,


    It is failing in the build stage itself.


    Pipeline Error




    - name: AllRunID
        type: html5
        path: app/demo/AllRunID
          builder: custom
            - npm install
            - npm run build
          supported-platforms: []
          build-result: dist
  • Hi Sarah,

    Great article. This helped me complete a POC to proof we can build, test and deploy SAP Fiori web apps on the Azure DevOps platform.

    However, I would like to know if the containers used supported by SAP and/or ready for production use within a large organization?

    Kind Regards