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FIORI Simplified- Creation of KUT field using FIORI in C4C

SAP is one of the most dynamic and adaptive company. Keeping in line with the ever-changing business market conditions SAP has always come up with dynamic systems in order to cater to the needs of businesses.

When we head into new horizons we need to say Good bye to some older technology trends.In this blog post, I will be discussing how we can leverage FIORI for creating KUT fields in SAP C4C when we bid Good bye to HTML5 with the 1911 release. I’m also going to include certain basic information about how we can make adaptation changes (within creation of KUT field) through FIORI client in C4C.

Alright, so let’s jump into it.

In order to enable adaptation in FIORI client, navigate to “Settings”.


Now, go to Adaptation Settings->Enable Adaptation by clicking “YES”


Click on “Save” followed by “Log out”.

Log in again for Adaptation to become active.

Now, let’s begin with the Adaptation step by step.

Step 1:

Go to the “Profile Icon”, which is in the right top corner and choose “Start Adaptation”.


Step 2:

To create a KUT field, navigate to any standard business object e.g. “Contact” in our scenario. Click on “Edit” (as highlighted below), followed by “Contact” under the adaptation mode overview tab as shown below:


Step 3:

Now, Go to Add -> Field

Step 4:

Click on “Create Fields”

Step 5:

Populate the fields as per your requirement. Once you add the label, ‘Technical Name’ will be automatically generated. To complete the KUT field creation, click on ‘Save and Close’. This creates the KUT field in the system.

Step 6:

To display the newly created KUT field, select field checkbox and click on “Apply” as shown below:

This completes the creation of a new KUT field.

Next, we need to set the properties of the newly created KUT field.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Contact section and scroll down to select “Alternate Mobile” field

Step 2:

Click on blue arrow next to “Value”

You will be able to see options like “Set to mandatory”, “Set as Read-only” etc. as shown below. Change the properties as needed.

This completes setting up of the KUT field properties.

Next, we will extend KUT field (similar to ‘Field Definition’ in HTML) proceed with following steps:

Step 1:

KUT field created in the document earlier can be extended as needed in order to use it in form templates, reporting and so on.

When in your KUT field properties, Click ‘Edit’

Step 2:

Let’s consider the use case where we want to add the KUT field in an extension scenario. To make these changes, go to “Extension Scenario” tab-> “Edit”.

Step 3:

Click on “+” sign against “Account – General Information to Contract – General Information”, and then click “Save”.

KUT Field is now added to the extension scenario. To see the implemented changes, click on “End Adaptation and then logout.

Let’s login again to see the changes made.

Newly created KUT field can now be successfully seen under the contact overview section.


Reference Info:

For reference here is a List of functions available till 1908 release and the ones planned for 1911 release:

I really hope you enjoyed reading this and that this was helpful for you, my revered reader. In case you have any queries/questions please provide your feedback in the comments section and I’ll respond to you positively.


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      Author's profile photo Chandrashekar Pamukuntla
      Chandrashekar Pamukuntla

      Thanks Sumit for providing detailed steps for adding KUT fields.

      I have question though, your steps above are to add new KUT field for master layout, what if i want to add KUT field using Page layout, could you please describe those steps for me?



      Author's profile photo sumit arora
      sumit arora
      Blog Post Author

      It will be available from 1911 release onward. I will try to publish it post 1911 release.

      Author's profile photo Chanchal Jha
      Chanchal Jha

      Hi Sumit,

      Very nicely explained. Thanks for sharing .




      Author's profile photo Keshav Harake
      Keshav Harake

      Hi Sumit,

      Very nice blog,




      Author's profile photo Rishabh Mishra
      Rishabh Mishra

      Hello Sumit,

      Nice blog.

      I appreciate your efforts.

      Keep it up


      Author's profile photo Elodie FOUQUIER
      Elodie FOUQUIER

      Hi Sumit,

      Thank you for this blog.

      Nevertheless, how do we get access to the rules in order to make a field "Visible", "Mandatory" or "Read-only" depending on conditions, like what we can do with HTML5 client?

      Is it something arriving with 1911?

      Thank you


      Author's profile photo sumit arora
      sumit arora
      Blog Post Author

      Yes, It will be available from 1911 release onward.

      Author's profile photo Admin Administrator
      Admin Administrator

      well, it's 1911 release, now.

      Let me tell it in SAP Support language "on my machine NOT working" ...





      Author's profile photo Vignesh Dharmaraj
      Vignesh Dharmaraj

      Hi Nik,

      you have to remove the partner development workcenter from your role. A KUT user cannot be a PDI/SDK User.

      refer SAP Support Note.




      Author's profile photo Keshav Harake
      Keshav Harake

      Hi Nik,

      In my System I able to see the Adoption button, I enable it  As an administrator, you can define the Fiori adaptation settings.

      .Please restart the system & delete the cookies


      It should be work. thanks


      Author's profile photo Wilson Degressi
      Wilson Degressi

      hello I'm having the same issue as Nik - no adaptation option showing up on the menu.

      I've already logged out and deleted cookies.



      Author's profile photo Wilson Degressi
      Wilson Degressi

      Nik please check 2787170 - Start Adaptation is Missing in Fiori.



      Author's profile photo Ali Kaveh
      Ali Kaveh



      in HTML it was possible to copy fields with KUT. Will this function be available in fiori?




      Author's profile photo Tobias Vogel
      Tobias Vogel

      Hello Sumit,

      nice blog.

      As you said above, you can add extension scenarios in fiori, to make the field available to other objects.

      However, I am missing a similiar functionality for standard fields. In HTML5, it was possible to add fields from other 'related' objects. For example, when adding fields to the ticket header, i was able to add header data from e.g. Business Partner Party.

      Where is this function in Fiori ?


      Thank you very much ,


      Author's profile photo Yanbing Yu
      Yanbing Yu

      Hi Sumit,


      Thanks for sharing the nice blog.

      My customer have a requirements to add new fields to new tabs(old name as work center view in HTML5). However, we don't find the adaption functionality has this option. It only could add four types things in new tab, they are "section", "explanation", "mashup" and "embedded report"


      In the past, it was working as per following post in HTML5.

      Could you kindly suggest if I am missing anything for this adaption?




      Author's profile photo Yanbing Yu
      Yanbing Yu

      Forget my question, I got how to it now from here:


      Author's profile photo Ram Prasad
      Ram Prasad

      Hi Team,


      Do we have a option in Firoi as Change Properties as below screenshot, where we can make the field visibility based on Edit/ Read mode.


      Thanks in Advance