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Author's profile photo Anusha Kotagiri

Re-process the IDOC ID


This blog post is about reprocess the IDOC, while getting an error to post the inbound IDOC.

In this blog post you can see how to find the issue or how to debug the existing error IDOC.


Getting an Error in the existed IDOC ID while processing. To Find out the Error need to re process and debug the IDOC ID the below steps as follows.

Steps to Re-process the IDOC ID:

 Step 1:

1.  Go to the Transaction “WE02“. To display the IDOC information i.e existing IDOC.

2.  Enter the Idoc as shown in the below.

3.Click on execute button then it will display the information of IDOC as shown in below screen.


4. It shows the current status of IDOC, In the above screen shot it shows the error message(Application Document not posted) and current status as 51.

Step 2:

1.  Go to the Transaction “WE19”. To get more information about the existing IDOC.

2.  Enter the existing IDOC and execute as shown in the below.

3. Then we will get the below screen  and click on Standard Inbound as shown in the below screen shot.

4. Then it will show the Function Module name and logical message as shown in the below screen.


5. Then click on OK button  and it will generate the IDOC.

6. Copy that newly generated IDOC shown in the below.

Step 3: 

1. Then go to the Transaction “SE37” and enter the function module (ZAU_CONCUR_IDOC_UPLD) put a break point in the function module as shown in the below.

Step 4: 

1.Go the Transaction “BD20“, enter the newly generated IDOC and execute.

2. After click on execute button, it will trigger into the function module as shown in the below.

3.By debugging the function module,we can able to figure out the issue, why the Idoc is not processed.


After triggering into the Function module by giving the newly generated IDOC number, then we can debug that function module, at some point we are able to figure out  the issue with the below messages and status.

Error message with the description:

Status                                         Description

51                                                Application document not posted

52                                                Application document not fully posted

Success message with the description:

Status                                        Description

53                                                Application document posted


Thanks in advance!!



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      Author's profile photo Sandra Rossi
      Sandra Rossi

      Your scenario works only when the partner profile (WE20) is defined with the option "Trigger by background program". If it's defined with the option "Trigger immediately", the function module is called immediately after the IDoc is created, and it's not needed to run BD20 in that case.

      Specifically, in the step 2, if you see a green icon with the text "Trigger immediately" (instead of yellow icon with the text "Trigger by background program"), add a breakpoint immediately to the function module before "5. Then click on OK button  and it will generate the IDOC".


      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva
      1. This is not "reprocessing", WE19 creates a copy of an IDoc. In this scenario nothing happens to the original IDoc. For the real reprocessing (i.e. processing an IDoc in error again) we can use BD87 transaction. And there is no such thing as "reprocessing IDoc ID". Sorry, that just makes no sense.
      2. The blog leaves an impression that WE19 is the only tool to do this. But in fact, we could use the actual re-processing transaction BD87 just as well with the original IDoc. It's also not explained in the blog what WE19 actually does.
      3. Why are we going to WE02? Where did you get the IDoc number? And, when in WE02, we don't even expand the status to check the error message? What is the purpose of any of these activities?
      4. As Sandra correctly noted, this process works only with the specific configuration. In other cases, we'd need to set up a breakpoint first and then start IDoc processing. BD20 may not be needed at all and again, no explanation, what does it do exactly.
      5. Setting a breakpoint in the processing FM could take one on an extremely long journey in debugger. I'd suggest to set a breakpoint somewhere closer to where the actual problem occurs. (This could be an IDoc user exit, for example.) But, unfortunately, this goes back to the previous points: it's not explained what the problem is in the first place and why are we doing this.
      6. The conclusion is confusing: there is no problem with the success status, so how is this relevant? Also WE19 can be used for many other things. But that was just left out completely from the blog, unfortunately.

      Going forward, I'd suggest the following when considering posting a blog on SCN:

      1. Search for the existing blogs to identify if new information needs to be added or if some points were not well covered. Include the links to any existing SCN posts and other sources. E.g. this is an existing blog on WE19.
      2. Describe the back story and purpose more clearly. For example, what prompted posting a blog? What specific issue have you encountered?
      3. When telling the readers to do the specific steps, we need to be able to explain to them why this is needed. Why this transaction and not the other? What is the purpose and expected outcome? Unless it's a personal story, a technical blog needs to educate the readers.
      4. Make sure to use proper SAP and IT terminology, proper grammar and capitalization. For example, it's "IDoc", not "IDOC" or "Idoc". Attention to details is important and lackadaisical approach to technical writing reflects poorly on the author.

      Please update the title to avoid misleading the readers and I hope that your next post will be written with the information above in mind.

      Thank you.

      Author's profile photo Sijin Chandran
      Sijin Chandran

      Am pretty much sure your comment will garner more "Likes" than this Blog post's. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Sandra Rossi
      Sandra Rossi

      Here is my little word for encouraging:

      This blog post is not bad at all, compared to many others. Of course it misses the context as you explain well, and there are approximations, but people can't be experts in everything.

      I see an important effort to explain the most clearly possible what the poster knows. Bloggers are often not experts and so there are some uncertainties in what they say Our job as “SME” is to correct them, and the poster should then check if what we say makes sense and is true (who knows we are really “experts”?), and edit the post to improve it.

      I tried to find another blog post about the topic of reprocessing, and couldn’t find something equivalent. So the post is interesting. Adjusting its content would be really great ?

      Of course, thank you Jelena for this big effort to explain the approximations, and give these smart tips for better blogging (the 3 first steps are nicely expressed and so much important – worth a blog post? I don’t find one in SCN)

      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Sandra Rossi - thanks for your comment! There was one blog posted specifically about WE19 (linked in my comment) but it's not very good. It's pretty much the same information but at least it correctly identifies the purpose of this transaction.

      There are actually tons of blogs already on how to write better blogs, if only people would read them. 🙂 Just a few from the top of the Google search:

      How to write the perfect blog post

      Build a Better Blog

      Bloggers: Write Frankly and Fearlessly (some great recommendations from Jim Spath )


      Author's profile photo Sandra Rossi
      Sandra Rossi

      Thank you. After reading quickly these posts, I find your advice even better 😉

      Author's profile photo Mohit Sharma
      Mohit Sharma

      Hi Anusha Kotagiri

      Please make the adjustments as already suggested by Sandra and Jelena.

      I am glad to see the SME's like Sandra Rossi and Jelena Perfiljeva sharing there valuable experiences, which indeed will help all of us to improve.


      Mohit Sharma

      Author's profile photo Thammunuri Ramya
      Thammunuri Ramya

      Nice blog Anusha, thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo prasanth pulapaka
      prasanth pulapaka

      Hi Anusha ,

      thanks for the blog.

      If you know the function module already you can provide it in the 'inbound function module' and also process it in the 'debugging mode' instead of steps 3 & 4