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SAP Analytics Cloud Embedded and Enterprise Strategy for SAP Cloud Platform

Updated February 5, 2020.   I want to share some exciting news that SAP Analytics Cloud embedded edition is now part of SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA).  Here is a demo of how you get access to SAP Analytics Cloud, embedded edition in SAP Cloud Platform.


SAP Analytics Cloud, Embedded edition released for SAP Cloud Platform

Juergen Mueller, SAP CTO, announced at TechEd 2019 that the Business Technology Platform unites intelligent, application, database, data management, and analytic services to enhance the Intelligent Enterprise. As of February 4, 2020, SAP Analytics Cloud, embedded edition has been successfully released to customers within SAP Cloud Platform. With this reuse business service, application developers on the SAP Cloud Platform are now able to embed SAP Analytics Cloud business intelligence capabilities into their business applications with a unified user experience.  For more information on CPEA license model, click here.  SAP Analytics Cloud, embedded edition is limited to live connectivity to SAP Cloud Platform HANA Service.

Click the link below for a preview of how SAP Analytics Cloud is embedded into a SAP Cloud Platform Tax application:

SAP Analytics Cloud Embedded Demo


More Information on SAP Analytics Cloud embedded in other SAP Applications

The embedded edition of SAP Analytics Cloud is now available in S/4HANA Cloud, SuccessFactors and C/4HANA as part of those applications. You can learn more about these planned solutions in the blog posts.


SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise edition provides enhanced analytic capabilities for SAP Cloud Platform

While the SAP Analytics Cloud, embedded edition is limited to BI capabilities and SAP Cloud Platform data only, SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise edition allows your business users to blend your SAP Cloud Platform application data with other application data allowing you to plan, predict, and share insights so you can break down silos and make proactive and confident decisions.   For more information on SAP Analytics Cloud and customer stories, visit SAP Analytics Cloud.


Leverage SAP HANA Cloud Services

SAP Analytics Cloud is also an integral part of SAP HANA Cloud Services.  SAP HANA Cloud Services provides a single data and analytics service that provides data scale, data quality, and data usage that drives business value.  It includes:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud as the Analytics service providing BI, Planning, and Predictive capabilities in a single solution,
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud providing end-to-end data warehouse services that blends, enriches, governs, and provides a semantic layer for your data, and
  • SAP HANA Cloud providing end-to-end database services, storage, federation, and runs powerful applications with the power of SAP HANA in the cloud with General Availability in Q2 2020.

Watch this video to learn how Gates Corporation and their partner Nimbl use SAP HANA Cloud Services and SAP Cloud Platform Services to build an Industry 4.0 application workflow.  You can also read more about the Gates story here.

To learn more about the material benefits that SAP HANA Cloud Services can provide your organization,  visit the SAP HANA Cloud Services.

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  • Hi Aaron,

    First of all, great blog! Thanks for the update.

    I'm wondering what the strategy will be regarding SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise and the Embedded version. Would it be possible to have a single consolidated view across multiple Embedded versions of SAP Analytics Cloud in an Enterprise tenant? Or do customers need to bring over the data to an Enterprise version of SAP Analytics Cloud (and pay additional licenses) to consolidate data across multiple SAP Cloud products?

    Thanks for sharing your vision!

    Kind regards,

    Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs

    • Martijn, thanks for your post.  Our vision of SAP Analytics Cloud enterprise tenant is to access all embedded data from our applications, blend it, but leave the data where it’s at.   Today, you can you can harmonize our application data into a single source like SAP HANA, BW/4HANA, or Data Warehouse Cloud and use SAC enterprise on top of it.  I hope that helps.


      • Hi Aaron,

        Thanks for your reply. A couple of follow-up questions:

        • Leaving embedded data where it's at can only be accomplished with a live connection from the SAC enterprise tenant to the applications, correct? What is the plan to have those live connections in place?
        • Are you suggesting data harmonization should be done by loading cloud application data from SAP into HANA or BW/4HANA first?
        • At the moment the beta of Data Warehouse Cloud uses its own embedded tenant. Will this have any connectivity to consume fact views from a SAC enterprise tenant?

        Kind regards,

        Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs

        • See my answers:

          • Leaving embedded data where it’s at can only be accomplished with a live connection from the SAC enterprise tenant to the applications, correct? What is the plan to have those live connections in place?

          Our plan is to release the SAC embedded integrations first and then focus on releasing the SAC enterprise live connections shortly after.  We're going to be adding this to our SAC Enterprise integration roadmap.  

          • Are you suggesting data harmonization should be done by loading cloud application data from SAP into HANA or BW/4HANA first?

          Correct, today SAP application data can be loaded and harmonized in SAP HANA, Hana Service, or BW/4HANA with SAC enterprise tenant connecting live to those sources.  

          • At the moment the beta of Data Warehouse Cloud uses its own embedded tenant. Will this have any connectivity to consume fact views from a SAC enterprise tenant?

          Yes, Data Warehouse Cloud comes with SAC embedded and our vision is to allow SAC enterprise tenants to access Data Warehouse Cloud live.   

  • Thanks for the information Aaron,

    Why SAC features are limited on embedded edtn? Do we have plans to bring all features to this version in the future?


    Midhun VP

    • Midhun, our plan was to start with limited SAC features in embedded edition so we're consistent across the applications and then start expanding the embedded capabilities.  However, our SAC enterprise edition is available today and can provide all analytic capabilities that work across all our applications.


      • Thanks, Aron.

        The reason for my question was that there are many CPEA customers who wanted SAC. If SAC on CPEA is limited functionality they need to look into SAC enterprise edtn. Good to hear that we will expand the functionalities.

        Now, the real challenge for customers is to decide whether to go with SAC embedded version Vs SAC enterprise. If you can differentiate both in a table(not sure its already documented) it would be helpful for sales.


        Midhun VP


  • Is there any timetable published for a native live connection to Ariba from Enterprise SAC?  When planning an Ariba implementation it is difficult to layout a reporting strategy when a live SAC connection has been tabled as 'coming' since middle of 2019 but no specific release date.




    • Neil, the embedded SAC edition will be released first for Ariba (targeted for 2H 2020) and then the native live connection through Enterprise SAC will come shortly after.  We've also provided another blog that provides more detail on the spend analytics strategy here.

      We're now consolidating analytics groups from Ariba, Concur, and Fieldglass into one so it's taking more time to release this.   We'll keep you posted in the spend analytics strategy blog.



  • Hello Aaron,

    As you wrote, SAP Analytics Cloud, embedded edition is limited to live connection to either Cloud Platform data or some other SAP source systems. How do you see prototyping and PoC efforts in these cases? I believe that it would be quicker to mimic some source data within Google Sheets or other flat file loads in order to reach an agreement with business and then progress with development efforts around source data in the right format.


    • Grzymala, thanks for your question. If you want to prototype this with flat file or Google sheets, I would sign up for the SAP Analytics Cloud 30 day trial here.  You should be able to use that SAC URL in the trial to feed your application with that SAC story.

      SAC Embedded doesn't provide the capability to connect to other sources other than HANA Cloud at this time.

      • Hello Aaron,

        Thanks for your answer. That prototyping should be available either temporary or without any limitation. Separate tenant doesn't solve the issue as it is extra paid. Trial SAC account may be limited in terms of features. There are also some export/import implications while developing within a separate tenant.

        I have submitted an enhancement request as below:

        Let see what product management will say.


        Krzysztof Grzymala

        • Grzymala,

          Our strategy for SAC trial is to include most SAC capabilities (Analytics Designer, Planning, Digital Boardroom) to all sources so there is no limitations for customers and we can expand those trials past 30 days.  For partners, we also have a SAC sandbox to test all SAC capabilities with.

          I believe your point is to allow customers to evaluate/prototype SAC with access to all sources.  That is our strategy with SAC trial.