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Author's profile photo Amudha R V

Automatic Creation of Reservation in SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Sourcing and Procurement (Self-Service Procurement)


This content explains the functionality ‘Automatic Creation of Reservation’ in shopping carts, and the configurations that are required to enable the same.


When casual users create shopping cart requests, it is possible to automatically create ‘Reservation’ as a follow-on document, based on the available stock for the requested item.


In order to create reservations, we should have an open, unrestricted stock of the requested item. Inventory of the requested item can be checked as follows:

1. Login to Fiori Launchpad as Inventory Manager

2. Go to app – Display Stock Overview – Check the stock level for a material in a particular plant


3. In order to create the Reservation – it is mandatory to have stock under ‘Unrestricted use’


General Configuration

Configuration steps for automatic creation of reservation are as follows:

1. Login to Fiori Launchpad as Expert User (BPC_EXPERT role).

2. Search for the configuration app – Settings for Creation of Reservation by expert user.

3. Use the Rule as – Goods Issue (03) and Movement Type as – GI for Cost Center (201).

4. AddPurchasing Group + Material Group’ combination for which automatic creation of reservation must be enabled.

5. In the snapshot below, automatic creation of reservation is enabled for the combination ‘Purchasing Group 002 + Material Group L001’. Material – TG- DO60 with unrestricted use stock, is associated with the Material Group – L001.


6. The automatic creation of reservation is thus enabled for the required combination of ‘Purchasing Group + Material Group’. You can similarly maintain automatic creation of reservation for multiple such combinations of ‘Purchasing Group + Material Group’.

Creation of Reservation using Shopping Cart

Steps for creation of reservation using shopping cart are as follows:

1. Login to Fiori Launchpad as Casual user (or Employee user)

2. Open the app Create Purchase Requisition

3. Add the material TG-D010



4. Place the order. Purchase requisition is created.


5. Check the status of the Shopping Cart created. Go to My Purchase Requisitions Fiori application with the same user login

6. Search for the Ordered Purchase Requisition


Check the status of the Purchase Requisition. The status is ‘Follow on Document Created’


7. Click on ‘Follow on Document Created’ link to view the follow-on documents. You can see that the follow-on document for the purchase requisition is ‘Reservation’


8. You can also login as ‘Inventory Manager’ and cross-check the stock of the Material used in the requisition, using the app Display Stock Overview

Currently, you do not have the option to view the Reservation document using a Fiori app or Harmonized MB23 transaction.

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      Author's profile photo Bindu Khosla
      Bindu Khosla

      Thank you for the detail steps.

      Does the Purchase Requisition for the Reservation follow the approval required for the Purchase Order creation?



      Author's profile photo Vijayendra Tiwari
      Vijayendra Tiwari

      Thanks Amudha for this.

      Is there anything else planned for PRs created other than SSP ones? Or as of now this is only applicable for this.




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Amudha for the details.

      Is SSPPR for indirect purchasing? From my understanding the goods with indirect purchasing will not receive to inventory but from above described the good with reservation seems consume the inventory stock.



      Author's profile photo Sai Giridhar Kasturi
      Sai Giridhar Kasturi

      useful blog, thanks for sharing...

      Author's profile photo Doreen Pinto
      Doreen Pinto

      Thank you Amudha.

      Do you know if this is available in 1909 On Premise? I have tried to get this to work, to no avail.

      Author's profile photo Kevin Rymenants
      Kevin Rymenants

      Dear Doreen,

      There are similar settings available in 1909 on premise:

      Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Purchase Requisition -> Reservation -> Define settings of creating reservation

      Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Purchase Requisition -> Reservation -> Define material group and purchasing group for reservation.

      However, I was not able to get it working. Did you manage?

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo M. Nagtegaal
      M. Nagtegaal

      Thanks for the blog, useful!

      I've got a question, when I create a purchase requistion with 2 items, the above logic does not work anymore. All of the items will then become purchase orders, instead of a reservation. (both if all items should be a reservation, and if 1 of the items should be a reservation).

      Any help on this?

      Author's profile photo Javier Castells
      Javier Castells

      Hi Amudha,

      thanks for this information very useful.

      I see the same configuration in the IMG for On-Premise but I cannot get this working for scenarios in SSP.

      Please, could some one tell me if this functionality can be available for On-Premise or it is just available for Cloud?

      Thanks and regards,



      Author's profile photo Mansoor Khan
      Mansoor Khan

      Thanks Amudha for the details, but I have made a lot of test with the same product, same plant, same purchasing group, and the results are not the same:


      Auto Reservation not created in system.



      Author's profile photo Veronica Antoranz
      Veronica Antoranz


      With the mvt 201 I think that the process runs correctly; but at now, I want know if it is possible with another movement, for example, 301 or 311.

      I have tested and the result is a purchase order requisiton instead of reservation.

      Thanks a lot,

      Author's profile photo Wouter Van den Branden
      Wouter Van den Branden


      I'm not able to get this working. I follow all the steps but no follow-on document is created on the PR. Any suggestions?

      Also, will the availability check be executed at the moment the reservation is created in the background?


      Thanks in advance


      Wouter Van den Branden