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How to use AdT solely with a keyboard => navigation in eclipse

Coding AdT is great, and not having to touch a mouse also is.
So I’ll list some cool shortcuts I use.

But not knowing how to do something (with the keyboard), makes me feel bad, powerless, and  frustrated.
So I’ll also list some things I don’t know yet, but (hopefully) will find out!

Let’s go:

Highly useful AdT shortcuts

ctrl+shift+n = new object

ctrl+shift+a = open object

F3 = open definition

shift+F3 = activate
ctrl+shift+F3 = activate all inactive

shift+f1 = pretty printer

alt+shift+w = open with
+ arrow down + enter = project explorer -> get the focus to project explorer, e.g. to navigate through source-hierarchy

Ctrl+Shift+L => show all shortcuts “That’s where I hope to find answers to the following!)

What I dearly miss (not know yet)

[Edit: meanwhile, some of them are known, see edit at the end of this blog!)]

How do I:

* Set the focus back to the editing area, when I lost it somehow
* Navigate to problems-view tab ” -> bind ctrl+P to it;
* and set focus on the error-line, so I can unfold it “-> just use arrows then
* How do I move through tabs?
* 1 by 1 “-> ctrl+tab
* direct, e.g. 1st, 2nd, last (=n);
if possible also: n-1, n-2, n-m.

This blog is part of a learning-strategy:
(or is it a #LearHack?! ;-))

If I don’t know something, I write it down. (+publish, in this case).
Then I keep on trying to find out.
If I do find out I’ll add answers to my question.




Here’s the answers we (=the SAP Community) have found so far:

* Set the focus back to the editing area, when I lost it somehow “-> ctrl+Q (last edit location)
* Navigate to problems-view tab ” -> map to Ctrl+P, see comment from Sandra Rossi
* and set focus on the error-line, so I can unfold it -> just use arrow-down then
* move through tabs: 1 by 1 “-> Ctrl + PageDown / PageUp

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  • Navigate to problems-view tab:

    I use CTRL+P as configured in menu Window -> Preferences


    Expand the error line: I don't know


    How do I move through tabs?

    1 by 1 : Ctrl + PageDown or Ctrl + PageUp



    • Oh, thank you very much!

      I added the Ctrl+P binding as shown in your screenshot and it works very nicely!
      Also, expanding/navigating the error lines I can then do just via arrow-keys.

    • Do you mean as in “comment out” those lines?! Then yes:

      1. I’d highlight them via shift+arrow down
      2. ctrl+< to comment them out!  (comment back in: ctrl+shift+<)
      • These shortcuts seem to be inconsistent. On my ADT installation, it’s Ctrl+Shift+< to comment and Ctrl+Shift+> to uncomment. In most of the “official" ADT guides I’ve seen from SAP, they state Ctrl+< to comment and Ctrl+> to uncomment (just like in SE80). I’m guessing they must vary based on other shortcut key combinations already defined in your Eclipse installation or something.

        • Thanks for you comment, I looked into it and can confirm that indeed the binding for 'remove comment' is: ctrl + >

          So sorry that I got that wrong!

          The explanation is simple: on the German keybord layout I haven, you get to the '>' by pressing shift + < .
          So in this case those are the same keybord cobinations:
          ctrl+shift + <
          ctrl + >

  • Thanks for starting this discussion, Joachim!

    I'm not really using AdT/Eclipse a lot and one reason for that is, that I just cannot wrap my head around the many different keyboard "short"cuts! I put the "short" into scare quotes because I always need quite some time to look them up on a cheat-sheet, so there's nothing "short" about them time wise. There also doesn't seem to be even just some rudimentary logic to the different combinations of numbers or function keys and CTRL/Alt/Shift. It's as if they've been randomly pulled out of a hat in a draw.


    • Thanks a lot for your feedback, Bärbel!

      I can understand exactly what you describe about beieng overwhelmed by all those key-combinations.

      That's why I went for this blog:
      1. writing down what I already know and use
      2. also writing down what I would like to use (but don't know yet).

      And I really took the time to do this writing down before going off searching for solutions.

      For remembering all those combinations:
      - I think it's "just" learning, like with vocabulary (not much logic to that, too)
      - it's probably a good idea to create your own cheat-sheet, with exactly the knowledge important to you!
      (Of course, by all means, if possible with:
      -- taking inspiration from others.
      -- sharing your results)


  • Good Morning,

    have you seen the ADT Cheat Sheet already?




  • Found another one: ctrl+shift and E - switch to editor.

    It does double duty for those cases:

    * How do I move through tabs?
    * Set the focus back to the editing area, when I lost it somehow

    select desired source with up/down arrwos;
    tab + enter to get there!

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