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Sales invoice with HSNWISE Summary /Annexure/ discount bifurcation in sap.


After GST implementation in India, Our distributor ask discount bifurcation, serial number blank for free line item and HSNWISE Summary to easily understanding invoice format, to achieve this working around the same and write the blog.

Functionality Description:

  • Create driver program (DP).
  • Create smart form
  • Assign DP and Smart form to output type.

Processing Requirements and Technical Explanation.

  1. Using the NACE setting we get the Billing document(VBELN) pass that vbeln to smart form using the below FM.
    * call smartform invoice
            CALL FUNCTION lf_fm_name
                archive_index      = toa_dara
    *           ARCHIVE_INDEX_TAB  =
                archive_parameters = arc_params
                control_parameters = ls_control_param
    *           MAIL_APPL_OBJ      =
                mail_recipient     = ls_recipient
                mail_sender        = ls_sender
                output_options     = ls_composer_param
                user_settings      = space
                i_vbeln            = ls_bil_invoice-hd_gen-bil_number
                i_ctext            = l_text
                l_flagemail        = l_flagemail
                job_output_info    = ls_job_info
                formatting_error   = 1
                internal_error     = 2
                send_error         = 3
                user_canceled      = 4
                OTHERS             = 5.
            IF sy-subrc = 0.
              ls_control_param-no_open  = 'X'.
              ls_control_param-no_close = 'X'.
  2. IN smartform,Global Definition –> Initialization, pass the vbeln to VBRK and VBRP table and store into internal table gt_vbrk and gt_vbrp.
  3. loop the gt_vbrp internal table and update the HSNCODE to TXJCD field in the gt_vbrp .
    **********append  HSN CODE  to invoice line items
    LOOP AT gt_vbrp INTO gw_vbrp.
      DATA: l_steuc TYPE marc-steuc,
            l_text1 TYPE t604n-text1.
      CLEAR: gv_tab_hsnsac.
      CLEAR: l_steuc, l_text1.
      SELECT SINGLE steuc FROM marc
                          INTO l_steuc
                          WHERE matnr EQ gw_vbrp-matnr
                          AND   werks EQ gw_vbrp-werks.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        gv_tab_hsnsac = ''.
        CONCATENATE gv_tab_hsnsac
                    INTO gv_tab_hsnsac.
      CONDENSE gv_tab_hsnsac.
      gw_vbrp-TXJCD = gv_tab_hsnsac.
      MODIFY gt_vbrp  FROM gw_vbrp INDEX sy-tabix.
    **********End of append  HSN CODE  to invoice line items
    ***For HSNWISE Summary 
    gt_vbrp_hsn[] = gt_vbrp[].
    sort gt_vbrp_hsn by TXJCD.
    FROM gt_vbrp_hsn COMPARING TXJCD.
  4. create Three tables in Main areaFirst table for billing line item : Loop table gt_vbrp.Append discount condition description and value to discount internal table.
              CLEAR : gw_spd_rdd.
              DATA : lv_name TYPE thead-tdname.
              DATA : char_name(20) TYPE c,
                     lines TYPE tline OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
                     lv_con_text   TYPE string,
                     lv_crecno     TYPE string.
              CLEAR : lv_name,char_name,lines[],lv_con_text,lv_crecno.
              break nandeesha.
              CONCATENATE lw_konv-knumh '01' INTO lv_crecno.
              char_name = lv_crecno.
              lv_name = char_name.
    *&---- Transporter
                  client                  = sy-mandt
                  id                      = '0001'
                  language                = sy-langu
                  name                    = lv_name
                  object                  = 'KONP'
                  lines                   = lines
                  id                      = 1
                  language                = 2
                  name                    = 3
                  not_found               = 4
                  object                  = 5
                  reference_check         = 6
                  wrong_access_to_archive = 7
                  OTHERS                  = 8.
              IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    * Implement suitable error handling here
              DELETE lines WHERE tdline IS INITIAL.
              IF lines[] IS NOT INITIAL.
                CLEAR lv_con_text.
                LOOP AT lines.
                  CONCATENATE lv_con_text lines-tdline INTO lv_con_text.
              CONDENSE lv_con_text.
              REFRESH: lines[].
              IF lv_con_text IS NOT INITIAL.
                gw_spd_rdd-pro_txt = lv_con_text.
                SELECT SINGLE vtext FROM t685t INTO gw_spd_rdd-pro_txt
                WHERE kschl = lw_cond_tab-kschl AND spras = 'EN'
                 AND kvewe = 'A'.
              gw_spd_rdd-kschl = lw_cond_tab-kschl.
              gw_spd_rdd-amnt = lw_konv-kwert.
              gw_spd_rdd-remarks = 'RDD'.
              APPEND gw_spd_rdd TO gt_spd_rdd.

    Second table for HSNWISE Summary : Loop gt_vbrp_hsn.

    Third table for Discount provided details : loop gt_spd_rdd.



    Out Put.


  5. Conclusion

    SAP Smart forms is the wonder full design tool for design the industrial/Management/Stakeholder expected invoice print out designed with dynamically ,effectively, please comment if any queries to meet this requirement.

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      Author's profile photo Manikanthan Venkateswaran
      Manikanthan Venkateswaran

      If HSN Code in Master (MARC-STEUC) is changed after Billing, how can we achieve the below :


      1. Old Invoices must bring the Old HSN Code as per the code in the transaction
      2. New Invoices must bring the New HSN Code


      This would be possible only if we have a field in VBRP or any other Billing Item level table where the STEUC is captured as of the transaction (and not go to MARC-STEUC for every lookup).



      V Mani