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Author's profile photo Nikhil Walsetwar

Frequent issues in SAP C4C + SAP CPQ Integration

After my blogpost on SAP C4C Integration with SAP CPQ , I got few queries for the issues people are facing for this integration, so I’m writing this blogpost which will provide solution for all such frequent issues.

Issue 1 – Distribution Chain is not in valid format.

  1. Check the market code in SAP CPQ
  2. Check the price-book in SAP CPQ – whether the distribution channel is maintained or not.
  3. Check/maintain the value mapping for distribution channel in SAP CPI. This step is not needed if IDs are identical in both(CPQ & C4C) systems.
  4. Maintain the ID mapping for Sales Organization with market code for the related communication system created for CPQ integration.

Issue 2 – Matching market not found for the provided distribution chain and currency.

  1. Check the market visibility under Setup -> Pricing/Calculations -> Market visibility.
  2. Please make sure that the related market is added for visibility for the user, user type or company combination.

Issue 3 – Invalid Customer state code

  1. Configure customer address’s country and state in SAP CPQ
  2. Check/maintain the value mapping for Country and State code in SAP CPI


Issue 4 – Quote custom field RequestedDate could not be set.: Custom field could not be found.

  1. Create a custom field in SAP CPQ under Quotes->Custom Fields with Date data type.
  2. Please do not add any logic in the field calculation.


Issue 5 – After opening related quote in SAP C4C, blank screen appears.

If nothing is populating. Monitor the network traffic and see if you can observe below highlighted error under console section?

  1. If the error is same add the C4C domain in trusted list in CPQ under setup->General ->Application Parameters and modify the parameter ‘URLs that may Embed CPQ’

Issue 6 – Creating user environment failed.

  1. Check if you’re using SSO url to login to SAP C4C
  2. Check if the username in SAP CPQ is same as IDP login ID
  3. Check if the login id is selected for the login parameter in IDP for CPQ application
  4. Check if the Federation ID is maintained under related user in SAP CPQ. This federation ID is a unique key in any IDP.


With this list, may I please request you to comment the issues you have faced during the integration with solution (if you know). Keep integrating!!! 🙂




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      Author's profile photo Yongqiang Yang
      Yongqiang Yang



      Author's profile photo Sowmya Tammadihalli
      Sowmya Tammadihalli

      Hi Nikhil,


      We dont have IDP so we did not enable SSO in C4C and federation settings in CPQ.

      So we have given CPQ system URL in C4C  “Administrator-> Sales and Campaign Settings” as Landing URL.

      When I open the Sales Quote it loads Catalog page and it is not triggering the services deployed in CPI.

      Is it mandatory to have federation settings or SSO in CPQ to make this integration work?


      Thanks and Regards,


      Author's profile photo chanchal jha
      chanchal jha

      Hi Sowmya ,

      I am facing the same issue. could you please let me know what was the issue and how you sorted this?

      Many thanks


      Author's profile photo Shawn McCarthy
      Shawn McCarthy

      Hi Nikhil,

      My understanding is that the sales org in C4C maps to the market in CPQ. Each market can only have one currency. How would it be possible to quote in multiple currencies for one sales org? Is there some additional mapping that needs to be setup in CPI so that currency can be used to determine the appropriate market?

      For example, the sales org is 1000 and the distribution chain is 01. We want to quote in CPQ in both USD and EUR. Then there is a market: 1000 in USD (market code 1000) and another market 1000 in EUR (market code 1000). They each have a pricebook with distribution chain 01. Then if the sales quote has sales org 1000, distribution chain 01, currency USD I would expect it to find the "1000 in USD" market. If the sales quote has sales org 1000, distribution chain 01, currency EUR I would expect it to find the "1000 in EUR" market, but have not had success with this.



      Author's profile photo Mehmet Ercömert
      Mehmet Ercömert

      Hi Shawn McCarthy,

      I am facing the same issue, did you find out the solution?

      Thank you,


      Author's profile photo Shawn McCarthy
      Shawn McCarthy

      No, we've tried asking SAP and haven't received an answer. For now, we've implemented a work around. We setup a custom field called 'document currency' and use that to send the currency to C4C. It's working ok except that the currency symbol shown in the quote reflects the market currency rather than the custom field we setup.

      Author's profile photo Nikhil Walsetwar
      Nikhil Walsetwar
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Shawn McCarthy Mehmet Ercömert,

      In this case what you could do is create multiple markets with the same code in CPQ, for example if your business operates in EUR and USD currency for market 1000 then you have to create multiple markets with the same code 1000 with EUR and USD currency and rest everything will be same.


      Hope this helps,


      Author's profile photo Shawn McCarthy
      Shawn McCarthy

      Thank you, we briefly tried this and couldn't get it to work. We'll try it again since it sounds like that should be the standard functionality.

      Author's profile photo Ryan Wen
      Ryan Wen

      Hi Nikhil,

      I am facing an error when logon through the CPQ SSO URL. A statement pops out 'Arguments missing: QuoteId, OpportunityId.'. Can you advise how to fix this problem? Thanks!