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My First Experience on the SAP TechEd 2019 Barcelona Adventure

Hello there Community,

I would like to share my first Experience on my First SAP TechEd Event. This by providing some key takeaways, tips and tricks to get through your TechEd event. Hope you find them useful and enjoy it!


How did the adventure start?

My SAP TechEd Adventure started by participating the TechEd Scholarship program. The Scholarship program offers the change to win a ticket for people who never attended a TechEd Event before in their career. This program existed out of the following assignment:

Tell us a little bit about what attending this event would mean for you and your career. We are looking for extraordinary stories and Community members, so we want to know what might otherwise prevent you from attending the event, or what obstacles you’ve faced in the past that prevented you from attending.”

2019 TechEd Scholarship Program is Now Open for Applications

After sending in my story it was an exciting period waiting for the verdict. Did or did you not win taht SAP TechEd ticket?

On the 8th of august, 08:15 I got the amazing news that I was one of the 10 winners of an SAP TechEd Ticket for Barcelona. I was super excited and shared the awesome news immediately with my amazing colleagues.

Thanks again for the big opportunity to the SAP Community and of course to the SAP Mentor, colleague and Friend Wouter Lemaire  who mailed me the blog where I could apply to try and win a ticket. ?

In the end I was honored to take place between the other Teched Scholarship winners in the following blog (Congratulations to all!)

Congratulations SAP TechEd Scholarship 2019 Winners!


How did I experience the adventure?

If I should describe my experience during the whole adventure, I would describe it as pure “FUN”. Fun in the sense of learning, laughing, enjoying, and so much more. So, let me explain why and how to make it fun and how your day could look like. The TechEd event was on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of October and this is how I planned my days.

The 7th of October

On the 7th of October I arrived together with my Flexso Digital colleagues in Barcelona. What else do you do then visit the F.C. Barcelona stadium Camp Nou? ⚽
Exactly you go to the Fan Shop and start your photo shoot! ?

Someone cares to fulfill the team? We need 6 more players to start the match ?

After visiting the stadium, you can visit some other nice places, or you start take place at the Terrazas. ?


In the evening you make sure you are fully prepared for the next day.

So, what does this mean being fully prepared? Being prepared means something different to everyone.

This is what it means to me being prepared:

  • Travel light through you Teched Adventure during the day.
  • A small backpack with your wallet, phone and sweater (A/C is on) is enough.
  • If you think you will not need your laptop leave it at your hotel, you do not want to drag around your laptop the whole day for nothing.
  • Don’t forget your badge from day 2 on (you will receive your badge the first day after the check-in).
  • Finally make sure you installed the SAP TechEd App. This will be your best friend during the event. It contains you schedule, floor plan and so much more to guide you through your Adventure.


The 8th of October

On the 8th of October the real adventure was about to start together with the Flexso team I headed towards the Fira in Barcelona where the TechEd event took place. Have a look at the team in all its glory!


The Technical Foundation of the Intelligent Enterprise (Keynote)

During the keynote Juergen Mueller took the whole audience on a journey throughout the intelligent enterprise. During this presentation Juergen took us (together with his guests on stage) through the process on how to evolve a digital platform into a business technology platform. Going over the Operations, Intelligence and Experience concepts of an Intelligent Enterprise. This supported by some nice and exiting material in the presentation.


Integrate It All with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite (Lecture)

During the lecture about ‘Integrate It All with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite’ Harsh Jegadeesan SAP SE VP & Head of Product Management, Integration Platform talked about the functionalities of process integration, workflow and API management. In this presentation Harsh showed the SAP API Business Hub on where you can find all the available api’s offered by sap. This is a place where you can explore and test the api’s in a sandbox environment an learn on how to integrate them into your integration flows.


Road Map for SAPUI5 (Road Map Session)

Frederic Berg SAP SE Vice President SAP Cloud Platform UI Core Services took care of an interesting ui5 roadmap session. During this session there was a focus on Fiori 3 and the UI5 Web Components. The UI5 Web Components can give you the look and feel of a real Fiori Business Application in non ui5 frameworks such as Angular, Vue, React and others. Also, the nice Fiori 3 was introduced and revealed together with the awesome news of an upcoming Dark Theme for Fiori! ?


The Developers Garage

Don’t forget to stop at the developer’s garage, where you can make some cool tutorials and win some cool SAP Gadgets and stuff. Or sometimes you just stop by to help some colleagues and friends out. Wouter Lemaire


Dive with SAPUI5 and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (Community Talks)

Ready for some scuba diving? Volker Buzek, j&s soft GmbH Development Architect Mobility will duck you under in the UI5, CAP (Cloud Application Programming) and CF (Cloud Foundry) environment. Volker showed a nice demo of a Scuba diving registration/scheduling/feedback application build with CF, CAP and UI5. Combined with the use of WebSocket’s in a Node.js application, running on Cloud Foundry. This to show Realtime data in your application and approved signatures that were made in the ui5 application. Really nice demo Volker Buzek !


Secure Microservices in Cloud Foundry Environment on SAP Cloud Platform (Hands-On Workshop)

Using Microservices in Cloud Foundry is a lot of fun and handy to use. But did you think about the security of these microservices? If you didn’t, don’t worry cause Felix Blass SAP SE Developer and Paul Goetz SAP SE Development Architect told us all about it! During the hands-on workshop we learned how to secure a Java application using the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework.


The 9th of October

After an interesting and exciting first TechEd day the while team charged its batteries and was ready to start their second day at the SAP TechEd event.

Develop an Augmented-Reality Web App with SAPUI5 and WebXR (Hands-On Workshop)

A lot of people where I was to be included to mix the ideas around Augmented reality and virtual reality quiet often. Christian Grail SAP SE Development Architect made sure we will never forget anymore!

During the hands-on we built and Developed an Augmented Reality Analytics app with SAP UI5 and WebXR. Really nice to see how to integrate XR technologies in UI5 applications!


One SAP CodeJam, All Systems – Create an Intelligent Enterprise Application SAP CodeJam (Mini-Editions)

Marco Dahms SAP SE Senior Developer took care of a nice CodeJam on how to use the SAP Cloud SDK. This by connecting SAP SuccessFactors and S/HANA with the Cloud SDK and show the data in a UI5 Timesheet Application. The cool thing about the CodeJam was that I was fortuned to attend an earlier presentation of the Cloud SDK, by Marco during the SAP Inside Track Belgium event. There Marco presented the SAP Cloud SDK and now I was able to get my first hands-on with it.


Develop SAP Fiori Apps for the Cloud Foundry environment with SAP Web IDE SAP CodeJam (Mini-Editions)

For those who were familiar with building SAP UI5 Fiori Applications in the NEO Environment, but still had to get started with the CF variant this was a perfect get started provided by Yuval Morad Labs ISR Product Owner Web IDE. Building your first MTA (Multi Target Application) by using the app-router and finalizing by deploying it to Cloud Foundry. Perfect get started CodeJam!


Celebration Night (Evening Event)

Like we all know ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ sometimes you need to relax and have a party. Well SAP knows how to rock a party and take care of their guests! All drinks and snacks were amazing as the celebration night.


The 10th of October

After getting some sleep and recovering from the party, it was time to get back to the SAP TechEd event. Time for a last amazing and interesting Experience.

Enable Efficient DevOps with SAP Cloud Platform (Lecture)

Harald Stevens SAP SE Product Manager answered some everlasting questions like Why DevOps, how DevOps With SCP (SAP Cloud Platform), what is and how to use DevOps Planner, Continuous Integration and so much more. Perfect lecture to start the day!


Gotta Catch Em All

Not only in the Pokémon world you want em all, you just need to collect those cool SAP (TechEd) Badges! ? ? ?


Need some more coding as a break

Time for a break? Grab some refreshments and snacks (that are available everywhere), take your laptop and start coding, testing and figuring out some cool stuff you saw and learn during the day.

Perfect break and learning moments throughout your adventure!


Feel Left Behind? Develop SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 with SAP Web IDE for ABAPers (Lecture)

Some ABAPers feel a little bit left behind in the World of the SAP Cloud Platform and especially in the part where the SAP Web IDE and UI5 comes in. But this is something Oliver Graeff SAP Area Product Manager took care of, these days are over. I am someone who experienced it the other way around. I got to learn ABAP after I deepened myself in the World of UI5 and I can tell Oliver presented and made everyone get started in a really nice way!


The key takeaways

During the last day of TechEd, I was scheduled to have an interview regarding winning an SAP TechEd Ticket by applying for the Scholarship program. Here I answered some questions about my key takeaways and the SAP Community.

My Key Takeaways:

  • Try to follow as much sessions as you can. Because it is a special occasion for that.
  • Try to follow the sessions you are interested in and you don’t know nothing about yet. You will be able to get started in 1,2, 3. Cause following sessions you are already an “expert” in can be not advanced enough. Tough, if you have a specific question you can still follow the session or schedule a small meeting at the stands.
  • Try to enjoy it as much as you can, don’t be stressed and talk with people because they have a lot of experience to share with you and you will learn from each other.


Interview with Dries Van Vaerenbergh SAP TechEd Scholarship giveaway winner.

As last I wan to point out a big thanks to SAP, SAP Community, SAP TechEd, Flexso, Colleagues and Friends for the AMAZING event, time, experience and opportunity!!! ?

I really hope I will be able to attend also next year!

Kind regards,


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