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Export data from SAC model to oData Service

Export to oData Service

You can create a connection that allows you to export data to data sources using oData services.

Export transaction data from SAC to BW

As the first user case for export data to OData Services, we support exporting data to SAP BW/4HANA 2.0 or BW 750 system using oData service(Refer to BW note 2838883 for detailed support packages). But we do NOT support exporting data to sources other than BW.

With oData services, user can:

  1. Export fact data filtered by the selections to BW. Only BW Standard ADSOs with write change log (optional) and write interface-enabled are supported
  2. Map dimensions between SAC and BW, or map a property of SAC dimension to that of a dimension of BW
  3. Set default value for the dimension of BW if there is no source dimension to be mapped
  4. Choose to export the data once, or on a recurring schedule.


SAC/BW Import & Export

User can import data from BW to SAC via BW connection, and can export data from SAC to BW via oData service connection.

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  • Hi Sarau,

    I would like to join the pilot program as well. Could you please contact me on

    Many thanks and regards

    David Šinkmajer, MIBCON NDC

  • Sarau,

    I would like to join the pilot program as well. Could you please contact me on . I am working on connectiong SAC with S/4HANA using oData for Pricing records update from SAC platform.

    Thanks in advance.

    Lakshmi Narayana N

    Chciago IL

    • Hi Daniele Comincini,

      It's not supported currently. Exporting via oData service requires oData services implemented in target system. These oData services are only implemented by BW currently hence only BW is supported as the export target system.



      • Hi Sharau-

        Can you explain your statement a little more?  “These oData services are only implemented by BW currently”

        oData is an open data standard, in what way would it only be implemented by BW?  From having written an oData import connector into SAC, my current understanding is that SAC uses a somewhat custom fork of oData V2.

        Are the SAP customizations to oData for export defined anywhere?



        • Hi Sharau-

          I did some digging and I don't think this needs a response unless you have roadmap details on a real outbound connector.

          The answer is that even at the $metadata level, there are tons SAP namespaced attributes (including redefining standard attributes), so a standard oData endpoint won't be able to be leveraged.

          For example, here is an SAP BW/4 Entity Type

          <EntityType Name="XXXXXX" sap:creatable="true" sap:updatable="true" sap:deletable="true" sap:content-version="1" sap:change-tracking="true" sap:maxpagesize="2000000000">



          • Hi JS,

            Can you explain how did you get the $metadata level, please?

            I’m trying to find an alternative way to export a SAC model, since SAC job for OData Services is only available for SAP BW/4HANA 2.0 or BW 750 targets. I hope to achieve this using a REST API to extract the model as JSON, however I need to access a model using URL.

            Best regards.

  • Is there any plan to export to generic Odata targets?

    I want to get my planning data back into an SAP HDI container but there seemed to be no way to do that.

    I a perfect world I would be able to save it on publish, but the standard Export to either HANA HDI container or generic OData 4 service would be good enough.

  • Hello Sarau-

    I have implemented the bgRFC endpoints that SAC uses in Python and would be able to support the HANA development team deploy a similar solution in HANA (via an XSC/XSA python buildpack). Please send me a direct message if you would be able to make the initial connections to make this happen.