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Export data from SAC model to oData Service

Export to oData Service

You can create a connection that allows you to export data to data sources using oData services.

Export transaction data from SAC to BW

As the first user case for export data to OData Services, we support exporting data to SAP BW/4HANA 2.0 or BW 750 system using oData service(Refer to BW note 2838883 for detailed support packages). But we do NOT support exporting data to sources other than BW.

With oData services, user can:

  1. Export fact data filtered by the selections to BW. Only BW Standard ADSOs with write change log (optional) and write interface-enabled are supported
  2. Map dimensions between SAC and BW, or map a property of SAC dimension to that of a dimension of BW
  3. Set default value for the dimension of BW if there is no source dimension to be mapped
  4. Choose to export the data once, or on a recurring schedule.


SAC/BW Import & Export

User can import data from BW to SAC via BW connection, and can export data from SAC to BW via oData service connection.

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