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Let’s code, share and learn. Calling ABAPers to next edition of #Hacktoberfest


When I “navigate” through another developers communities I see how they are strong in terms of open source world. Seeing this I started a digital event here in last year (can be read here) to promove this initiative.

About event

The Hacktoberfest it’s a event created for encourage contributions to the open source ecosystem. It’s a better way to all enhance your abilities, learn and share. This is a anual event and as name proposes, start in October. More information can be read here.

How to participate

Prerequisites (All obligatory)

  • Must have a Github account and know how to use it (If you never access a github, read this);
  • For all want to contribute, click here to find the available projects to contribute.


The Hacktober team will offer for the first 50.000 developers where make 5 pull requests in October a t-shirt and I’ll give a book from sap press for the user who create more pull requests in the ABAP Projects.

Pull requests are considered valid:

  • Who make a valid change in one ABAP project;
  • This change had a code review from the collaborators of the current project.


Until 11/31/2019.



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