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Author's profile photo Thomas Jentsch

BI Automation Framework Samples

The Automation Framework is delivered with content that allows customers to easily build, manage and run Scenarios.

  • Task Templates
    Logon, Logout, Refresh Documents, Change Web Intelligence Source, Add/Remove User & User Groups, Query Worklist and more
  • Workflow Templates
    Logical groups of task templates

In addition the Automation Framework supports the development of Custom Task Templates (see development tutorial) to extend the functionality and build tailored scenarios.

Samples available on GitHub

To illustrate advanced Automation Framework use cases, we have created sample content for you, available on the GitHub – SAP Samples:

  • Explore – the samples from various areas and find more helpful details
  • Learn – how Custom Task Templates can be used and developed
  • Try it – deploy and run the sample scenarios on your BI platform

Get excited about the Automation Framework capabilities and inspired to build your own customized solution to simplify operations of your BI platform.


  • 2020-05
    Task Template: Get WebIntelligence Worklist – Get the values of a report table as CSV worklist, which can be used as input parameters for another Task Template


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      Author's profile photo E. Ocula
      E. Ocula

      Good potential, this Automation Framework. But SAP should make it first usable through https . See .

      This SAP-note came after we had logged an incident that it is not working with https.

      Author's profile photo Thomas Jentsch
      Thomas Jentsch
      Blog Post Author

      Valid feedback, it is planned to be solved in BI 4.3, which is not possible with current architecture in BI 4.2.
      The Automation Framework can be used with https, the limitation is only for Task Templates which are using the RESTFul API (currently only WebI change source).


      Author's profile photo E. Ocula
      E. Ocula

      Thanks Thomas for your reply. And indeed , for Task Templates (RESTFul API) we wanted it to use, to change , on several hundreds of WEBI-Docs, the universe from .unv to .unx version. And we found that it indeed does not work.

      Author's profile photo Thomas Jentsch
      Thomas Jentsch
      Blog Post Author

      Based on your feedback, I have tested on BI 4.2 SP07 and here https is working out of the box. We are currently validating a solution for SP05 & SP06 also.

      Author's profile photo Christian Key
      Christian Key


      I want to convert Web Intelligence source from UNX to UNX. The documentation for the universe mapping CSV says:

      CSV format (for UNX-UNX): src_cuid,dest_cuid,type

      What value do I use for 'type' please as this is not documented?



      Author's profile photo Thomas Jentsch
      Thomas Jentsch
      Blog Post Author

      possible values for type are: unv-unx, unx-bex

      Seems this type is especially important for mapping to BEX Query as you have to specify the additional parameter technical_name.
      It doesn't check if the specified object ID/CUID is a unv or a unx.
      In other words, for unx to unx you still have to specify unv-unx.

      hope this helps,


      Author's profile photo Thomas Jentsch
      Thomas Jentsch
      Blog Post Author

      working with universe you don’t need the type. Just use:

      • unv_id, unx_id
      • unv_cuid, unx_cuid
      Author's profile photo Riadh SAAIDIA
      Riadh SAAIDIA


      Please i need details about "Documents Worklist" and "UniverseMapping Worklist" parameters for the standard workflow "change source " is it a csv file or txt file, version of BO is 4.2 SP9.

      Thank you.

      Best regards.

      Author's profile photo Ghassan Zghaib
      Ghassan Zghaib

      Hi Riadh,

      In my case BI42. SP8 I specified a csv file:

      Documents Worklist



      UniverseMapping Worklist



      Both files return "Success" in my scenario but don't seem to be taken into consideration in "Change Web intelligence Sources" workflow wich "Fails".

      Have you been able to run a successful "Change Web intelligence Sources" workflow?


      Author's profile photo Sohel Ahmed Syed
      Sohel Ahmed Syed

      I would like to try this for Webi unv>unx migration, Is it possible to attach it with the KBA 2906634 or any other KBA as github is restricted in my organization network.