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SAP S/4HANA Utilities – where we are at, how to get to S/4HANA Summary

SAP recently visited our company along with 4 other utilities, courtesy of Utegration.

If you have time, I recommend attending the SAP for Utilities Conference in San Diego later this month:

Source: Eventful Conferences


Source: SAP

Where we are at

How get to S/4HANA


Source: SAP

Subject to change

Future functionality not guaranteed


Source: SAP

What are the market trends, changes in market

Change is accelerating

All areas

Highlights are above

Increasing competition

Competition from outside the industry coming in

Market is changing

What is customer expecting

How is business happening

How can utilities save money

Retail – drive down cost, margins

More bundling of products

How thrive better in environment to offer more to the consumer

“make your life easier” and “save money along the way”

Cloud – not wait for IT


Source: SAP

Themes of utilities

Deliver to meter, see consumption, send bill out

Now change – prosumer in middle, customer has more options

Customer is becoming a “business partner”

How deal with prosumer as a whole

How perform into a better business

Extreme weather – California drought, regulations of when to water, wash car

How control this?

Smart metering, better consumption

All utilities face change into a more service approach

Technology for utilities at the bottom of the slide

Blockchain – find its way, where from a commercial side it can help

Changing world, more devices, devices talking to each other

IT has to deal with it

SAP: how put this in a solution


Source: SAP

What is important from a business side

1997: get the bill right

Selling and serving customer is now much more important

Leading to customer service


Source: SAP

Patience is becoming a rare commodity

Past – had to wait days, weeks

Decisions on old data is moving now to how to make decision on data now


Source: SAP

Intelligent suite – where transactions are happening, CRM, digital, supply chain, human capital management

Right side is digital platform

Connect with intelligent technologies to improve business processes, more flexible, delegate more work to the machine

What is an Intelligent Enterprise?

Intelligent enterprises effectively use their data assets to achieve their desired outcomes faster – and with less risk.

SAP is committed to helping every customer become a smart, best-run business and make the world run better by:

Empower employees through process automation

Anticipate and proactively respond to customer needs

Invent new business models and revenue streams (source: SAP)


Source: SAP

Key investment areas – continue to invest in platforms, meter to cash solutions

Ability to consume ISU as a service, to improve these going forward

Looking for input

Amazon like experience for the utility for a move-in for a utility

Modern environment for customer and employees


Source: SAP

Foundation for utilities, available since 2015, 1511 solution

1909 is out

Bottom see suite release


Source: SAP

Key enhancements

User productivity

Looked at simplifications – data model, structure

Simplify front end for end user

Fiori – bring data to user, drill down

Make it easy for the agent to decide

Bring information to the user rather than the user search

To enable this, creating virtual data models (core data services are defined in app layer, executed in HANA layer) – this is out lists are provided in real time to the agent

Allows agents to do work without having to wait

Operational reports (CDS) – can add your own virtual data models


Source: SAP

Where to apply machine learning


Source: SAP

96% were released

86% – outsorted, analyzed

Change the rules

Take over by machine, look at expert knowledge, history into a ML

In 1909 release


Source: SAP

Payment matching

Not pay exact amount


Source: SAP

New world, can automate

Look at what happened in past, apply rules

Apply to correct invoices

Available as a consulting solution


Source: SAP

Ticket solution – from an app

“lights out back office” – let machine do what the machine can do

“SAP road maps cover innovations that focus on business solutions and processes. They span products that are relevant for customer lines of business in their industries and explain how our innovations can add value to your business. In SAP road maps, you can learn about our innovations along three different timelines” Source: SAP


Source: SAP

Cloud for utilities

See core offering at bottom

Cloud at top

Work to extend to full value chain

Some utilities will not go to cloud; some keep building on premise

Some use both on premise and in cloud

Mix and match possibility


Source: SAP

Abbreviated version of road map

Bottom is on premise

Top is cloud components

Distribution in red

Black is retail

Focus is more now on retail

Source: SAP

Simplification is on user experience
Did not change the data model
CIC0 not in S/4HANA
6 customers are live
5 utilities in live project for S/4HANA
Common for new installs


Hope to see you at the SAP for Utilities Conference.

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      Author's profile photo Nic Teunckens
      Nic Teunckens

      Thank you for this Summary.

      Perhaps as an addition, there’s a Product Overview Document via SAP-Help Website with the recent Innovations for SAP S/4HANA Utilities (On-Prem). It lists the upcoming changes and provides a Link to the Innovation Discovery each item. I found it very usefull …

      Link to the .PDF hosted on SAP-Help website : link

      Kind regards

      Nic T.