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SAP Cloud for Customer extended edition app in validation for iOS 13 compatibility

UPDATE: The SAP Cloud for Customer extended edition app is now compatible with iOS 13 (for iPhone and iPad) with the November 2019 release.

Known issues (closed):

  • Calendar scrolling does not work in the app; FIXED: deployed over weekend of 12th October, please proceed with an in-app update
  • URL mashups do not open when launched from the app; FIXED: 1911 build
  • SSO challenge for mashups does not appear; FIXED: 1911 build
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      • Hi Ankan,

        Thanks for the Information. That Problem is fixed now.


        We have an other case with feeds.


        We noticed that in Cloud4CustEx the feed functionality does not always work in different WoCs (e. g. Opportunity or activities).

        If you want to write a feed to an object, you can' t send or save it.


        Here's what we found out:

        If you click on the message bubble once, enter a text and then click on save, the feed will not be saved. If you click on the message bubble again, you will see 3 points loading in the background. After they are loaded, you can at least save the feed.

        However, you cannot reply to the feed in the Feed tab of that WoC. Deleting the feed also takes longer.

        In addition, you cannot mention anyone with the @ sign in the feed of that WoC. It is a plain text field so to speak. In the past this was possible. You could mention another user in the feed in all WoCs. Unfortunately this doesn't work anymore.

        Is this problem related to this topic with iOs 13?


        Best regards,


  • Hi All,

    not 100% related but I could not find this topic - are business rules enforced in the mobile app? meaning, if a field has a validation rule in the desktop (for instance, can't be blank) is this also being enforced in the mobile? what about workflows etc?